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A November Night

by Sara Teasdale

A November Night

by Sara Teasdale

After burning by Aider Yoo

A November Night by Sara Teasdale is the latest release from Riverhead Books in the fantasy genre. Set during the season of Halloween, this darkly enchanting tale follows the footsteps of a dead mermaid whose ghostly spirit rises to haunt a young man. Sara Teasdale, known for her dark and twisted sense of humor, creates an unforgettable scene out of a dead mermaid’s skull, which becomes the point of focus for the dark and Gothic tale. In addition, she uses her vast writing skills to create other supporting characters and a plot that drags you right into Halloween night.


A November Night by Sara Teasdale vividly re-creates the scenes found in front of the altar of the dead mermaid. She vividly re-creates the darkened alleys and streets of Boston, while throwing in a dash of modernity, with the floating lanterns and the flickering lights along the river. The colorful illustrations contribute greatly to the overall effect, adding much to the reader’s enjoyment. The style of the book also flows well, and there are several cleverly placed poetics throughout, as well as several memorable phrases. Sara Teasdale truly understands the language of love, and she uses it skillfully in Aader Yoo’s Acherry.


Once, long ago, a mermaid became the lover of a fisherman. When she died, her spirit was trapped on Earth, and must journey across it in order to find her true love, where she can be reunited with her family. Along her journey, she meets everyone who can help her along the way and learns about the different types of spirits. Then, a freak accident causes a whole new team of soul mates to appear, and these four women take on each other’s lives. The foursome manage to work together, however, to bring their ship, the Sea Ray, back to its original course.


This book is about so much more than just foursome love. For one thing, it chronicles the progression of Sara’s relationship with Aader Yoo, who is a fantastic artist who captures the complexity of life in a truly meaningful way. The fact that Yoo creates such beautiful imagery is only part of what makes his artwork so remarkable. Rather than merely spoon feed readers with romance, he lets them draw their own conclusions, and he gives them a vivid picture of the heartbreak and longing felt by the characters in his books. The characters are real, and so are their emotions, and it is because of this that Aader Yoo’s art has been praised for its tenderness.


Aader and Sara’s story is an interesting one, filled with tragedy and heartache. But there is also humor, and wonder, and most of all, hope. Throughout their trials, they learn that with enough courage, determination, and preparation, anyone can live a full life. And Aader’s work shows this through his colorful pictures of people and their lives, including some of their flaws.


Because this is a coming-of-age story, many readers may feel the book to be too “new age.” In fact, Aader Yoo’s paintings are truly timeless in their beauty. However, if you enjoy his words, music, and artwork, this is sure to be a valuable addition to your library.


A November Night
A November Night

Part romance novel, part fantasy novel, Aider Yoo’s sophomore book, After burning, is a masterpiece. In it, we meet our main character, a man called Eric, and learn about how he escaped from a cult that made him kill his family. It is here that we are introduced to the world of Eric’s past, where he was a child who became a drug addict. He turns away from his destiny and toward his destiny of finding love, only to be captured and sent to prison.


While this is definitely not the sort of book you would read just for the romance alone, this is more for the story of a young man’s life and how his life could have been different had he not fallen under the influence of drugs and the like. The characters are very real and believable, especially Eric. Yoo takes us into their world and makes you care about them while at the same time making you wonder how far he is really capable of pushing himself. You will absolutely read this book and put it down…and then go back and read it again!

A November Night

There! See the line of lights,
A chain of stars down either side the street,
Why can’t you lift the chain and give it to me,
A necklace for my throat? I’d twist it round
And you could play with it. You smile at me
As though I were a little dreamy child
Behind whose eyes the fairies live…. And see,
The people on the street look up at us
All envious. We are a king and queen,
Our royal carriage is a motor bus,
We watch our subjects with a haughty joy….
How still you are! Have you been hard at work
And are you tired to-night? It is so long
Since I have seen you, four whole days, I think.
My heart is crowded full of foolish thoughts
Like early flowers in an April meadow,
And I must give them to you, all of them,
Before they fade. The people I have met,
The play I saw, the trivial, shifting things
That loom too big or shrink too little, shadows
That hurry, gesturing along a wall,
Haunting or gay, and yet they all grow real
And take their proper size here in my heart
When you have seen them…. There’s the Plaza now,
A lake of light! To-night it almost seems
That all the lights are gathered in your eyes,
Drawn somehow toward you. See the open park
Lying below us with a million lamps
Scattered in wise disorder like the stars.
We look down on them as God must look down
On constellations floating under Him
Tangled in clouds…. Come, then, and let us walk
Since we have reached the park. It is our garden,
All black and blossomless this winter night,
But we bring April with us, you and I;
We set the whole world on the trail of spring.
I think that every path we ever took
Has marked our footprints in mysterious fire,
Delicate gold that only fairies see.
When they wake up at dawn in hollow tree-trunks
And come out on the drowsy park, they look
Along the empty paths and say, “Oh, here
They went, and here, and here, and here! Come, see,
Here is their bench, take hands and let us dance
About it in a windy ring and make
A circle round it only they can cross
When they come back again!”…. Look at the lake,
Do you remember how we watched the swans
That night in late October while they slept?
Swans must have stately dreams, I think. Most casinos have a variety of bonus offers and promotions to help you enjoy your online gambling as well as win big. But now
The lake bears only thin reflected lights
That shake a little. How I long to take
One from the cold black water, new-made gold
To give you in your hand! And see, and see,
There is a star, deep in the lake, a star!
Oh, dimmer than a pearl, if you stoop down
Your hand could almost reach it up to me….


There was a new frail yellow moon to-night,
I wish you could have had it for a cup
With stars like dew to fill it to the brim….

How cold it is! Even the lights are cold;
They have put shawls of fog around them, see!
What if the air should grow so dimly white
That we would lose our way along the paths
Made new by walls of moving mist receding
The more we follow…. What a silver night!
That was our bench the time you said to me
The long new poem, but how different now,
How eerie with the curtain of the fog
Making it strange to all the friendly trees!
There is no wind, and yet great curving scrolls
Carve themselves, ever changing, in the mist.
Walk on a little, let me stand here watching
To see you, too, grown strange to me and far….
I used to wonder how the park would be
If one night we could have it all alone,
No lovers with close arm-encircled waists
To whisper and break in upon our dreams.
And now we have it! Every wish comes true!
We are alone now in a fleecy world;
Even the stars have gone. We two alone!

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