Ashton Kutcher’s Nipples Were ‘Falling Off’ in Marathon Training

Getting in shape! Ashton Kutcher is getting ready to race in 2022 New York TCS Marathon — and he’s revealing his training secrets.

“Maybe I started a little too soon. I think I started, like, six months ago.” Ranch alum, 44, said during a Friday, November 4, appearance on Today Show. “Your brutal in the body. Like me got hurt halfway and now I feel like I have recovered from the injury, but I had a lot of help.”

Kutcher’s running mantra has been “just take me to the finish line” ahead of the marathon on Sunday, November 6, and now he believes he’s “ready to go”. Despite a winning mentality, the Iowa native had to fight an unexpected training injury.

“My nipples were falling out. I’ll be honest about it,” Kutcher told the host. Savannah Guthrie on Friday to deal with friction.

Ashton Kutcher says his 'nipples were dropping' while training for the NYC marathon

Savannah Guthrie and Ashton Kutcher in ‘Today’. Nathan Congleton/NBC

to help the That 70’s Show alum recover, Carson Daly went on stage to present him with a gifted container of Vaseline — and a glass of beer to “carbo-load” for the big day.

“I went to college!” Kutcher joked, shortly after he and Guthrie, 50, drank their respective drinks. “Now I take off the nipple cream. Good morning America!”

Kutcher is running the 26-mile marathon on behalf of his nonprofit THORN and has documented your training journey by the way.

“The biggest physical change was the transfer of muscle mass from the upper body to the lower body. I lost about 12 kilos,” said the jobs Star said entertainment tonight In August. “My wife [Mila Kunis] has been super supportive.”

He added: “Surrounding myself with a support system makes difficult things a lot easier. Setting a pace that you can sustain is not the same as working as hard as you can. My ‘why’ baseline comes down to leaving life better than what I’ve been given. Mine daily motivator are my children and family.”

Kutcher — who shares daughter Wyatt, 7, and son Dimitri, 5, with the Ukrainian — he also had friends Natalie Portman, Kenny Chesney and Kim Kardashian for help him get in shape through a weekly series Peloton Tread.

“We shoot [this show] in the basement [of my house]. It was a lot of training. I was spending so much time running, [and] I was like, ‘I’m getting bored,'” the No conditions said the actor on Friday. “Like, you’re just running and you can only listen to so many podcasts and the same playlists so many times. So I was like, ‘What if I do this interviewing friends thing? [while I work out]?’”

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