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Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk (MOD, Free Shopping)

Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a bus driving simulation game set in the streets of Indonesia. This realistic game is designed to work like an actual bus, with students being able to drive buses on city streets during the day and at night when things are quieter. It’s a great project for students interested in vehicle mechanics and how it all works, as well as how to manage resources such as passengers, vehicles, and fuel. Bus Simulator Indonesia, a bus driving game for android, is a wonderful and totally realistic game designed in accordance to real-life driving mechanisms. It is the perfect app for android users all over the world looking to safely enjoy being behind the wheel of various buses.

This game has some pretty nifty visuals that make effective use of visual effects and animations. The bus designs are highly detailed as are its locations (although they’re a little generic at times). Controls work well and respond intuitively to your every move on the throttle (gas pedal). There is lots of fun to be had when driving the bus within the game. This game has excellent graphics with so many stunning visual effects and animations you don’t want to leave anything on the screen unattended. Beautiful visuals also include full bus models which go above and beyond in terms of detail. Loading screen is short but gives you a chance to see some beautiful backgrounds such as random houses, streets or roofs on your way to the city. How much fun is it driving a bus? Driving a bus can be really thrilling! If you are worried about controls don’t be, our unique steering physics ensure the steering is super responsive for playing the game properly. Choose between first person view or third person view depending on your taste but most importantly choose from more than 10 different buses each with specific features (crain buses, invisible buses etc.).

You can expand your garage by purchasing buses. Most of these buses are damaged when you buy them and you have to fix them up and polish them so they look good enough to pass a safety inspection. You can also do other things like paint the exterior of your buses or replace a floor with wood if you want to! You can start and run your own bus business in game. Expand your garage by purchasing buses. Some of them may be damaged, but the good thing is that you can fix them all with ease! Take the bus to a repair shop and leave it there before taking it to an auto body shop where they will make it look brand new again! In addition to purchasing buses in game, you can also customize them with upgrades so as to run a complete bus business. It’s important to purchase new items for your garage regularly because those worn out items just won’t cut it if you want to keep up with current times.

Hop onto a bus and cruise through the busy streets of Indonesia. Drive passengers to their destinations, big or small, with ease by upgrading your buses to keep up with the frenetic tempo of this developing country. The game doesn’t stop getting better as you upgrade: you can even earn additional revenue by booking music performances during your route! Drive buses and transport passengers to their destinations. The game has a perfect atmosphere and environment, is set in the streets of Indonesia. This game is a bit larger in size, but fully optimized for all mobile devices. Improve your company and get reputed in the game to earn more revenue.

It is a completely free and secure transportation game. Players are welcomed to create their own bus and earn more rewards for completing daily missions and challenges. Players can buy their own buses, customize their paint jobs, and improve them by upgrading from time to time. It is a game that anyone who likes to play games on their smartphones or computers can play for free, as it does not cost anything! The best part about this particular game is that you get to drive your very own bus with your friends around town. It’s a completely and entirely free game. There are no payment requirements. In fact, you can start playing instantly and if you take the time to complete your daily goals and challenges, you will earn awesome rewards! You can buy busses with the money that you earn by doing all of the above. Then, if you want to keep on earning more coins for the busses that you buy (and really any other aspects of the game), then try upgrading! It’s easy to do this, just follow these steps…

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia APK?

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a fun new bus driving simulator where you can drive buses on the streets of Indonesia with realistic driving mechanics and easy controls. With stunning graphics and a massive selection of real-looking buses to choose from, this game is truly one-of-a-kind! Once you start driving you won’t want to stop as there are a ton of things for you to do! Perform your various passengers, earn “coins” and expand your garage, upgrade buses, improve their performance, and much more. There is always something exciting in store for you such as events and special tasks that will keep you playing for hours on end. So what are you waiting for – jump into your driver’s seat and give this fascinating game a try now! Bus Simulator Indonesia is a bus driving game for android that lets you drive buses on the streets of Indonesia. It has tons of beautiful details and realistic gameplay because it’s based on real bus physics. You can buy several buses, upgrade their performance, improve your garage and expand it. Some events will also let you prove yourself as the best driver around!

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK?

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod apk gives you unlimited money and resources in the game. You can get everything without paying anything. You can buy any bus in the game. All levels are unlocked, and all buses that appear in the game are unlocked as well. Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod gives you unlimited money and resources in game meaning you can buy any bus in the game and upgrade them to their max level with no issues. You also get all levels unlocked along with all buses since they are both unlocked, giving you a much broader range of options at hand.

This game is modified to trick the ad system and give you an uninterrupted experience without having to take a break for pesky banners or video ads constantly interrupting your gameplay. Absolutely no ads will appear during this game! All advertisements have been removed and can be played freely without internet connection. There are guaranteed coins in the game, you will have unlimited amounts of money to buy all the items you want. You do not need to collect coins before buying an item because there will definitely be enough coins for your shopping needs.

Simple Controls

Simple to use and designed with intuitive controls, this game is sure to appeal to children and adults alike. We’ve also kept it easy for anyone who is new to gaming so that you can’t get lost, enabling you to simply jump in , understand the action, and ultimately enjoy the game without all of the hassle. All you have to do is press the space bar on your keyboard or click on your mouse when it’s time to stop or continue driving forward . You’ll never want to put down this excitingly fun game. Simple and intuitive controls make the game more awesome and easy to play. This game has a simple control layout and is easy to understand for everyone. It’s made as easy as possible to get familiar with the controls so that anyone can easily get accustomed in no time. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your bus left or right when driving.

Made for touch and optimized controls to give users an amazing experience whether they’re operating the game via a touch screen or controller. Able to change camera angle view to allow players more control over the driving action. Controls are completely optimized and fully responsive on touch screens. You can change the camera angle as well where it’s best for you!

Amazing Graphics

Games play an important role in the fun and interactive world of bus transportation. When the colors, graphics and details of a game are so advanced that they plunge players into another reality with stunning visuals, animations, voices and sound effects included, then it’s an excellent simulator. This game-on-demand for the Android is a very fun simulator game! I enjoy playing it and think this creator does an incredible job with graphics. The visual effects and animations are stunningly realistic and wonderful.  The buses look great, their designs and details are so realistic – I’m impressed!

Explore open world of Indonesia and visit amazing locations. You can see the details especially on the road and around you. Drive in Indonesian street because developers see all of the details, like home, market or others. Explore the open roads and visit amazing locations in Indonesia. Discover how details from the road and surrounding areas are brought to life as you follow your motorbike around town while enjoying great views of both locales, including landmarks such as Ulun Kulkul lake, Gandamekar Bridge and other beautiful city skylines.

Indonesian Buses

This game is specifically about Indonesia bus driving, and it has plenty of Indonesian buses for you to drive in the game. As an employer, buy those buses and customize them to look more awesome. Repair and improve those buses so that your driver can drive properly in the challenging road conditions of Jakarta and Bali! This lovely bus driving game features plenty of buses all imported from the Indonesian islands. You can build your own unique fleet by starting out with a couple of good-looking buses and growing it as you become more confident in your driving – perhaps adding some variety by proving yourself to be a masterful driver not only when it comes to maneuvering but also in terms of scheduling and managing!

Here is a list of game tutorials to help get you started on driving these buses in the authentic cities and locations of Indonesia. All three of our latest games include authentic Indonesian buses, as we have licensed designs specific to all our geographic regions (50 cities and 8 countries!). Don’t forget, Gamezebo has featured many of our titles on their site to help promote you, so it can be a great place for you to start! Go on an adventure in Indonesia! To start your own business, drive authentic buses in the real world locations of Indonesia. These buses are licensed and designed to match their real life counterparts.

Incredible Maps

This is a virtual world driving simulator game where users can select from different maps of various Indonesian cities and locations. All of these maps include real-life elements and landmarks, except for the fictional characters that drive cars within this Virtual Reality area. You can’t start playing this game until you create your first character. All of the maps are movable and allow for fast travel, which is neat. It’s an open world game about driving, essentially.

Simulation games can keep you occupied for hours as they provide several different modes that run across various formats. If you crave exploration and transportation, then Bus Simulator is the game for you. This game will allow you to travel to new worlds within your smartphone or computer by allowing you to drive any of their detailed buses through dreamlike landscapes in a variety of urban areas. Just select any map from the collection and drive your way to success. Feel free to customize your buses so that each one is set at its finest for the roads you’re about to thank.

Free to Play

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a free game. You can earn coins by doing various tasks and missions in the game. You can unlock more locations and maps by playing because it’s totally free to play, and you do not need to spend any real money in order to complete stages in the game. You can easily upgrade your buses to make them look more professional. Bus Simulator Indonesia is a simulator game that can be play for free. You gain coins and rewards to unlock more locations in the game by completing objectives and challenges. The more challenges you pass, the more levels you will be able to move onto. We recommend upgrading your vehicles so that they don’t break down frequently in the simulation since if they do, it will slow you down or even cause you to lose time if you have buses ahead of yours going around the same area.

Unlimited Coins

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod provides endless resources for your gaming experience. Get unlimited coins, money and purchase anything you want without having to collect coins and then buy items from the store – simply go to the store yourself and purchase whatever you want. Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod is specially designed to provide unlimited resources in the game and most importantly unlimited cash so you don’t have to collect coins, buy new engines and roofs for your bus, then go back and collect more coins. You can now simply click on a few buttons in the store to be able to upgrade everything for free!

Free Upgrades

This mod version allows you to freely modify your buses. You can customize everything with these unlimited coins and a great variety of bus parts that are included in this modified version of the game. There is no barrier for you playing this game because all ads have been removed successfully from it. This mod will allow you to freely customize your buses however you please without restriction or added expense. You’ll have access to all the bells & whistles. Just look at all these unlimited coins you can use for anything and everything! You don’t have to worry about ads with this mod because there aren’t any due to an update which took care of that little issue.


Just like real life, Cities in Motion 2 is as realistic as possible. If a bus doesn’t look or behave the way it would in real life, our Quality Assurance team will write you a strongly worded letter. Our authentic buildings are all named after members of our development team! Players can use up to two touch points (pinching on PC) and intuitive controls make navigation easy for beginners and veterans alike.


⦁ Take larger storage in device after complete installation


A great modded version of the game that allows you to buy any bus in game. Go explore beautiful cities and locations throughout Indonesia. Expand your bus driving business in game and get the best experience. Fully customize your buses and upgrade their parts to make them more awesome and strong. The game has simple controls, so it’s easy to play but hard to master! There are different maps which you can select by clicking on “map” button at top of the page, each map has its unique art style. It is completely free to play games, no purchase required! Bus Simulator Indonesian Mod is a cool new version of the game that lets you drive any of the many buses available in-game. Explore beautiful cities and locations in Indonesia and turn your bus driving business into a thriving empire. Upgrade your buses’ parts and customize them to make them look cooler than ever before! It’s easy to play with its straightforward controls and it runs smoothly on most devices, so what are you waiting for? Download now for free – don’t forget to let your friends know about it too!

Your feedback is important for us. We encourage you to share your thoughts about this version of the game in the comment section so that our team can improve based on what the general public thinks. There is a comment section below which you can use to let us know what sort of improvements or changes you’d like to see in the next version!

Additional Information

App NameBus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk
Size327 MB
Latest Versionv3.6.1
MOD InfoFree Shopping
Get it On
UpdateJanuary 22, 2022

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