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There are many shapes that need to be rolled into place. Follow the correct sequence of colors to perfectly match the shape or object found in the image. Download Color Roll for Android to play the puzzle game that is best made for bored adults and interested kids. Learn the order and roll each color into place smoothly.

How to Play Color Roll 3D

As said before, Color Roll 3D is a game that can be enjoyed mainly by children. But that doesn’t exclude adults from enjoying the experience. On that note, the controls and general gameplay are made so that a kid of any age can easily access the game.

Your goal will be to scroll different color palettes to match the exact shape and pattern of a given object. Each game level will display a different object for you to imitate.


Now, the challenge is in the exact order of colors you’re going to roll into your shape. Choosing the wrong sequence will end up spoiling the final result, thus creating a different shape of the image. In the end, you will need to think before you act.

This aspect of the game can make it quite enjoyable for adults. It won’t take much thought to complete a level. Although the difficulty level is still apparent enough that an adult person can still enjoy some time in Color Roll 3D.


As for the controls – easy. You simply need to roll one specific color at a time. So all that is required of you is the ability to tap, hold and swipe down on your color. Doing so will make them scroll to the right place. Therefore, no dexterity or coordination skills are required.


As we said, the game is suitable for young children and adults alike. Over-complicated controls would be too much for some of the younger audiences who should be playing.

Anyway, with these controls behind the game, even a baby could beat a level, blindfolded with one hand behind his back… Maybe not really. But, you still get the point trying to get it done.


Everything is made to be simple for a child’s enjoyment. So visually, a cluttered or overly detailed game would make a child lose focus or too distracted to care. So Color Roll 3D made super simple models and backgrounds for the game.

color-roll-3d-apk-free download

Firstly, the background is a piece of wood, like a school table. Then the shapes and colors are made to look simple, with nothing too special. Everything is straight to the point and basic.

The graphics are not only great for keeping a child’s attention but are also suitable for a puzzle game. Any crowded puzzle game would only distract or confuse players. So Color Roll 3D does its job very well.

Color Roll 3D Mod APK

Modified APK version of Color Roll 3D is still the same game. There’s not much to differentiate between the versions, other than the small detail.


These improvements would likely include how downloading the latest version of Color Roll 3d Mod APK for Android would save storage. Now, you’ll have more space for other great games to pass the time. Also, the installation would be faster. This isn’t that important or noticeable when most games are already quick to install, but it’s worth mentioning.


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