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Download WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK v3.17 2021

Download WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK v3.17 2021

WhatsApp PLUS Holo People who love to chat via WhatsApp are tired of its default theme. Hence, they are looking for alternative applications. But there are other apps that we can turn into Telegram, Line or Facebook Messenger Like. But we just want to see an alternative version like WhatsApp PLUS Holo.

This article will talk about WhatsApp PLUS Holo, the difference from its original version and how to get the latest version of ILOVESHAYRI

WhatsApp Plus Holo APK

Download WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK v3.17 2021
Download WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK v3.17 2021

The Plus version of WhatsApp has expanded its features, allowing us to change its colors, apply different themes, and remove size restrictions when sending files. By getting the APK for WhatsApp PLUS Holo, you can access the same functions, but using the Holo interface. Here are some of its great features:

Customization – You can completely modify the interface of the application with a variety of options. It will look completely different and make it more fun. Isn’t that cool?
Various Themes – There are many interesting themes available in this app. You can easily change the theme of your application according to your mood.
Sharing large files – In this version, the file transfer limit has been removed. Now, you can easily share large audio and video files with this app.
Original Resolution – You don’t have to compromise on the quality of photos sent on WhatsApp. With Holo version, you can freely send and receive photos in their original quality.
New Emojis – You can make your conversations more expressive with this app version. Lots of new emojis added. You can use this emoji on all your messages.
Change Fonts – Fonts can also be resized to suit your needs. Large fonts are useful for the elderly.

WhatsApp Plus Holo APK Information:

Version WhatsApp Holo
Version v3.17
Size 7.2 MB
Requirement Android 2.1 and up
Last Updated 14 Aug 2021

To download the latest version of the mode, follow the instructions below. Make sure you are connected to a reliable internet connection. It is suggested to close other applications while the download is still in progress.

Step 1: Find WhatsApp Plus Holo APK in Google, then download it to your mobile device.
Step 2: Copy the APK file to your SD card, where you can find it quickly.
Step 3: Now install any file manager you want.
Step 4: Access the folder where you placed the APK file and tap on it.
Step 5: Click OK on the pop-up window.
Step 6: Now, tap on Install. Wait a few seconds for the installation to complete.
You have successfully installed WhatsApp Plus Holo APK on your device! Now you can enjoy messaging on WhatsApp Transparent APK v10.20 (Latest 2021).

WhatsApp Plus Holo Update

Being your favorite instant messaging app, the new look is absolutely stunning. With WhatsApp Plus being customizable, you can customize its look with heaps of colors, sizes, shapes, and more. Such a visual transformation breaks up the monotonous look of your smartphone. Here’s a quick look at what you can get from this latest update.

Added option to quickly share photos on chat screen, like using your favorite photo or emoji in WhatsApp Plus photo folder.
New icon to hide the image.
Image button color has been added.
The maximum value is 30MB (greater than the previous 16MB) due to the large size blocks on the Download WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK servers.
It now includes Italian, Dutch, and Brazilian languages.
Other bug fixes and fixes.


We have given you the necessary details about WhatsApp PLUS Holo. We hope you enjoy chatting using this app. For the latest updates on various applications, always check iloveshayri.com. You can also comment if you have any questions about this mode.

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