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Download WhatsApp Prime APK v10.20 2021

Download WhatsApp Prime APK v10.20 (Latest 2021)

WhatsApp Prime Despite the variety of chatting and file-sending applications such as LINE, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and similar applications, the throne of WhatsApp is still far from their reach. And although it is lagging behind in certain functions and functions, given that it is an instant messaging application with a large variety of almost a billion users around the world, no one seems to care. Now, I will introduce to you the new and latest status of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Prime. As you may have guessed from its name, it is a mode that can help us stop looking at the blurry background of the messaging app.

To display the home screen of a smart device, you can adjust it to your liking with an image of your choice. Ignore all the great work that will help you manage other privacy decisions to make WhatsApp the best mobile chat app. Now let’s move on to learn more about WhatsApp Prime and downloads. In the meantime, you can visit iloveshayri.com for more mods.

WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK

Download WhatsApp Prime APK v10.20 2021
Download WhatsApp Prime APK v10.20 2021

WhatsApp Transparent Prime is similar to one of the best mods like GB WhatsApp APK, although it currently has many users. This app is very useful for people who are tired of the official version and its modified version. It will provide extraordinary experience while chatting and make full use of the application.

WhatsApp Transparent Prime is one of the most unusual mods that WhatsApp has ever made. It can modify the interface and make it transparent, which makes WhatsApp more unique and authentic than others. Prime has the best features available in the official GBWhatsApp mode. The only thing WhatsApp Transparent Prime will offer in the list of recommendations is a transparent change.

GBWhatsApp v12.0 APK

This information relates to the WhatsApp Prime APK version, size, developer, required Android version and time of last update. Do not proceed to download the APK file as it will not work on your mobile device unless you have the minimum required version of Android. You will encounter many bugs and errors. Make sure to read all the detailed information about WhatsApp Prime on APK.


WhatsApp Prime has all the features and functions of GBWhatsApp but now with better application and ease of use. You must know the components of the application if you want to download it. Here is a list of features:

New theme available
advanced performance
Customization is done on a large size
Anti-vacuum message and status update
Larger videos can be shared
WhatsApp mirror
Improved user interface
View by C
Better privacy features
Improve hidden features
Better Do Not Disturb And Anti-Bin System
Share files up to 1GB together

Explanation of features

The description of the WhatsApp Transparent elements is explained here. If you are already familiar with them, you can skip this part. However, you can take a look at each feature to understand it better.

Improved user interface and performance

The overall performance of the app in WhatsApp Prime is better than what I have tried before. An easy experience to share videos and photos, chat with friends is online now. The user interface is the main thing that has been improved with the new look and display.

Upgraded Privacy features

Privacy features have been improved. We can stay more secure and private in WhatsApp Prime mode. “Call me and freeze last seen” is one of the functions of WhatsApp Prime. Features available in official WhatsApp like read receipt, disable, hide profile picture, select contacts to share status, about information, this can also be done using WhatsApp Transparent APK mode.

Better customization on a larger scale

You can customize themes, notification icons, sticker packs, WhatsApp statuses, group members, and share files in larger sizes. Enjoy these features when you download WhatsApp Prime APK. Like most of the old WhatsApp mods, the customization features can be used without bugs and errors. Use WhatsApp Transparent Prime and enjoy all these features.

Improved Hidden features

Hidden features are an important part of WhatsApp status, and these features are against the privacy of WhatsApp Inc. So in some cases, using these features may run the risk of your account being banned.

Hide your status view from anyone’s status.
You can hide the blue tick.
Hide another flag of the delivered message with WhatsApp Prime Mode APK.
Option to hide online status and active presence on WhatsApp.
May hide the date and time when copying the message.
You can hide the forward flag when forwarding any message from someone else’s chat in WhatsApp Transparent.

DND mode and Anti-ban system

Do Not Disturb mode is one of the great features of WhatsApp Mods app. In WhatsApp Prime, this functionality has been modified to avoid any bugs or errors. The anti-ban system has been upgraded in terms of upgrading to WhatsApp Prime Mode APK. Using the latest mode will help you reduce the chances of getting banned unlike other WhatsApp modes.

Sharing of media files on a large scale

WhatsApp Prime allows you to share large files. A file size of up to 1 GB can be sent at one time. You can share high quality photos and videos. More photos can be selected and shared simultaneously. It will make it easy to send pictures of any party or wedding with family and friends.

WhatsApp Prime APK Information:

App Name WhatsApp Transparent Prime
Version v10.20
Size 42.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Last Updated 14 Aug 2021

If you want to download the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK, click on the download button provided. Everyone is familiar with the popular messaging app. WhatsApp Prime is the most popular Android social media app that allows you to share files, chat with your friends and family, and record video or audio for free.

The only thing to remember is that this will work when another app has a different package; Otherwise, you will see setup failed error. Download WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK. Follow the instructions to install the application. Enjoy a new user interface that cannot be offered by other mods. Make sure to read all the job descriptions, if you have no idea about the features. This will help you to control WhatsApp Prime APK better.

Installation guide

Enable Unknown Sources First, allow installation from unknown sources so you can download and install third-party apps on your device. WhatsApp mods are not officially accessible on the app stores. Enable Unknown Sources by going to Mobile Device Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Unknown Sources, then Enable Unknown Sources. This specific step may differ for other devices such as Settings > Security > Permissions > Enable Unknown Sources.
Go to your Downloads – After enabling the Unknown Source installation, find the WhatsApp Transparent Prime location folder. Go to Device Storage > Downloads > WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK
Install GBPlus Transparent Prime APK – After you enable install from unknown sources and find APK. Start GBPlus WhatsApp Prime and click on the Install button. Wait a few seconds and allow the installer to complete its work. After the installation process is completed successfully, you can now enjoy WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK on your device. Add an account, restore old data and enjoy the latest mode.

Update to the latest version

What if you knew that there is a modified version of WhatsApp that is better than the original app? Supposedly a dedicated version of Whatsapp called Whatsapp Transparent is now available for all users.

The application includes many different and updated functions and is better than the original version. For future updates of Transparent Prime APK, just save this page as a bookmark in your web browser. WhatsApp Transparent is developed using the latest technologies. This procedure is to get the best user experience in WhatsApp mode.

What is Anti-revoke?

WhatsApp mods have a powerful feature called anti-cancellation. This feature allows you to permanently view someone else’s deleted items, such as a message or file, in a chat. In the official WhatsApp, you can permanently delete any message in both conversations and set a specific time limit. The message will not be seen even if it is delivered to the person. With the anti-vacuum feature, it can. Anti-vacuum mode does the same thing. You can see the status of deleting your contacts.


WhatsApp Prime has a lot of features with excellent results and is much better in performance than any other WhatsApp mode currently available on the web. Now you can chat with contacts with a simple experience of sharing videos and photos. The main issue that was fixed with the new look and performance is the user interface. You should try this WhatsApp mode to experience the best that WhatsApp has to offer.

What are your thoughts after reading WhatsApp Transparent Prime? Let us know what you think by leaving a message in the comments section.

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