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Dragon City 2

Dragon City 2 Are you looking for ways to level up in Dragon City 2 without ever having to worry about being bored? Do you feel like you could use a lot more power and influence than what you have with your existing dragons and resources? If so, then you’ll be very interested in Dragon City 2 APK!

Dragon City 2 MOD APK is a game developed by Social Point combining aspects of social networking games with adventure-based mechanics and action. The game has seen some updates recently with new features including the addition of pets, which are similar to units that can be found in other popular mobile games. Dragon City 2 MOD APK allows players the chance to collect resources through building up a thriving community at their own pace and earn gold from raiding other players’ bases or competing against them in tournaments available every 24 hours.

Dragon City 2 MOD APK is a social network game that comprises of many elements. It combines breeding and raising dragons with fighting, among other attractive features such as dragon collecting. Ever dreamt of being the ultimate Dragon Master? Then you should play this game!

Introduce about Dragon City 2

Dragon City is a brand new app that invites you to create a city in the clouds for all of your beloved dragons. We’ve all wanted to do this at some point, right? Build a city in the clouds to which every dragon can fly freely. Would you like to bring this dream to life?


Following the character who dreams of becoming the ultimate Dragon Master, you will be invited to explore a mysterious island whose inhabitants include many species of dragons and legendary critters. Some are mellow while others will simply attack without warning. It’s your duty to get acquainted with these legendary monsters right on the island itself! Following the story of a boy who dreams of becoming the ultimate Dragon Master, you will be invited to explore the mysterious island. There are many strange creatures and exotic wonders that inhabit this place, some cute and cuddly, others strong and fierce. As many adventure games such as Pokemon have done with their own monsters, you’ll be able to explore this world through your half-dragon character (you have to raise them all by), and direct fights with these legendary creatures right there on the island itself!

Dragon City 2 MOD APK
Dragon City 2 MOD APK

Discover and care for dragons on your own island

The most important aspect of Dragon City 2 is the process of finding and taking care of your dragon. You’re given a special ability to combine different dragon species to create something new and powerful. Breeding your dragons works similarly to how genetics work in real life, so it’s a fascinating process!

While combat is a key component of Dragon City 2, there are many things that fall into place to make the whole experience not just enjoyable with dragons. For one thing, as you can see, the game is primarily about raising and evolving your baby dragons so that they grow up to be strong fighters later on. Throughout this process, you will be given many choices related to how you take care of them such as by waiting on the right times and making sure their habitats are always well stocked with food and their goals met.

Dragon City 2 MOD APK
Dragon City 2 MOD APK

You’ll nurture this baby dragon from the moment it hatches, watching it grow into an adult before your very eyes over the course of several years. Watch as your mighty dragon evolves, learning new skills through practice and gaining valuable experience battling against enemies. When you’re ready to take your creature on a flight to fame and glory, be sure to develop strong relationships with other creatures like yourself who have also honed their own skills and built up their own reputations in the world below.

You will watch from its birth how it grows day after day and develop new skills that you can use in your ultimate goal to make an entire dragon army!

They will accompany you into the exciting wild wars as well as fight with you against the oligarchs to protect the peace of the Dragon kingdom. On your journey, you need to be very observant about how well each animal can serve its role in your team considering all the species’ unique traits and strengths. Once you find a good fit with a partner that complements your own, it may help you bring an end to any war much quicker or enable you to achieve larger numbers faster.

Dragon City is a wonderful place where there are many kinds of cool dragons: fire dragons, water dragons, and many more. You can use them to engage in a virtual war with other people who play Dragon City. There are different specialties among the various types of dragons so you have to choose one that fits your fighting strategy well. It would be nice if there were only friendly dragons as allies instead of other players, but sometimes you might encounter an “Oligarch” (one who rules by force). With such bad guys around, you need to come up with a strategy for handling their challenging tactics on the battlefield! In terms of strategy, the best approach (to victory) is to make sure your dragon army can handle various situations based on each species’ strengths and weaknesses. If you do this right, then you should be able to bring home more gold!

Evolution, characteristics of each Dragon species

Unlike its predecessor in the series, Dragon City 2 involves an ongoing evolution of dragons. Players will need to nurture their dragons, feed them and send forth some of their most rambunctious dragons into dungeons through combat, this will gradually transform the game play experience completely.

From Terra to Terra Rock
From Flame to Flamion
From Sea to Ocean

Each dragon species will have their own individual strengths and weaknesses. As one levels up, they will gain access to new skills and scale armor corresponding to their own personality and fighting style, thus choosing what works best for them.

Each dragon species has a total of 11 different evolutionary levels. Reaching level 11 is the highest point of power for that particular species.

The skill of each Dragon species

When the player faces an enemy dragon, the game will randomly pick one of the two or three attacks belonging to the opponent’s dragon species and level. There are at least 10 different attacking maneuvers in each species/level combo so that every fight will be a bit different! If you defeat your opponent often (3-5 times or more), you will find a new attack within that same combat stance in your cache; this way, you can merge all of the strategies together and perfect your breed’s fighting abilities.

Each dragon species has its own type of fighting style; each level within a specific species also has its own style and set of skills. For example, Flamion dragons have four available skills: Flying Kick, Soot, Flaming Arrow, Nuclear Hit. When the player fights various elemental dragons depending on the situation and their own strategy, Dragonreach will be able to choose different skills to use when attacking. If the player wins frequently, new abilities will be unlocked which allow them to perfect an individual Dragonreach’s fighting power for each dragon species.

Feed the dragon and expand the farming range

All dragon breeds come out at birth with varied indicators of strength. These may include different types of scales, flame intensities or breath color and ranges. If you properly care for and nurture your pet, it will get stronger over time. As they grow, some signs of that strength may change into higher-caliber ones too!

Hatching a dragon is not an easy task . One has to learn how to gauge its readiness as it grows steadily from infancy through adolescence, and even onward into adulthood. As your special dragon grows older and becomes more of a young adult, its strength will develop accordingly with increase in mana pool stats for example.

Players should be aware of the potential for a fully-grown dragon to improve its Attack, Defense, Speed and S. Atk stats through growth points (which are added automatically when feeding their dragon) or by using gems to purchase items that provide additional growth points on the Shopping Mall .

For example, the Vesuvian dragon is one of the fastest dragons. It’s powerful and not as fragile as other types of dragons. It’s a lot like how a rump roast still retains flavor even after it has been cooked.

But just feeding the dragon can make it happy but it’s not enough when your dragons get larger. Your island will get cramped. You’ll need to both nurture, breed new dragons, and reinforce the Dragon City in the air at the same time, building new cages and expanding it to give them a chance to grow better and more freely.

But just feeding a dragon isn’t enough, especially as they start to mature. You will have to help them grow by not just feeding them, but by nurturing and breeding new dragons at the same time while reinforcing and building new cages in order to accommodate even bigger monsters. Eventually, you can build new habitats that take place in the air – so the dragons can fly more freely!

In Dragon City 2 we can find more than 100 species of the first generation of dragons. These types may be cultivated to create a myriad different varieties, placing careful considerations on each evolution in order to perfect the skills, durability and power of your monsters accordingly.

In Dragon City 2 are many types of dragons, from there you can make countless species. Every dragon species level is presented beautifully and clearly, and the graphics are lovely.

Dragon City 2
Dragon City 2

The more Dragon City expands, the more colorful and unique breeds of dragons you will have access to. The quest for greatness begins with growing your own army of dragons from eggs to epic mounts, but it can only end when you decide to elope with a Dragon Prince or Princess. With each step you take as leader of this fabled land, new possibilities open up, providing players with satisfying release from their daily problems and struggles. Now more than ever before whether it be defending against enemies or going on risky adventures in Dragon Quest or challenging other Dragon Masters in the chaotic battlefields of PvP arena, there is something for everyone!

Download Dragon City 2 APK & MOD for Android

Let’s build our own floating island in the clouds and raise beautiful and powerful dragons of different types. Let’s hatch, collect and breed different colored dragons as we explore our world! As we do all of these exciting things in Dragon City 2, let’s keep an eye on the skies; news announcements are revealing that The Dragons, who have been in hiding for many centuries, have returned to Earth.

Explore a land full of dangers and adventure, filled with beautiful wild animals, and meet an epic cast of characters that are there to help you on your journey. Build up your formidable fortress and develop other skills to grow your kingdom every time more.

Dragon City 2
Dragon City 2
NameDragon City 2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Food
Size170 M
RequiresAndroid 7.0
Get it OnGoogle Play

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