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We’ve seen a lot of survival and shooting games in recent years. This includes zombie games and normal shooting games. But what if suddenly there was an invasion of an extraterrestrial race on Earth? What if your spaceships suddenly appeared? In Earth Protect Squad, your mission is to protect the planet from these strange space creatures! Use all the weapons at your disposal to get rid of them.

Earth Protection Squad APK Mod

However, these creatures are stronger than ordinary humans as they cannot be killed by a single bullet. You must spray your weapons repeatedly and they come in huge numbers. Play the game alone or online now to do various missions together. There are many weapons that you can buy in the game and other items that would be of help such as grenades, drones and more. But there are also many locations and enemies that you will need to fight, so you need to be careful!

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We humans are obsessed with the unknown and the mysterious creatures that don’t exist. That’s why countless movies and shows have been made with aliens, zombies, and all sorts of crazy creatures. But beyond that, our love for survival games also seems to have no end. So when you combine aliens and survival games, you get Earth Protect Squad. This is a game developed by Kisunja.

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Here, you won’t be fighting other players. Instead, you will be on the front lines as protectors of Earth. Fight against countless aliens that have suddenly appeared in our orbit. Here, there are different battle mutants that are trying to attack everyone. But luckily, you’ll have a lot of weapons to use and different advanced technologies as well. There are battle bots, drones, force fields and all sorts of advanced technology. Also, you can play this game with friends to wipe out these creatures together! You can also modify and upgrade your weapons to get the most out of it.

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Are you a warrior who is ready to protect the Earth from any danger? In Earth Protect Squad, you will be shooting at hordes of strange creatures that have suddenly appeared!

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Fight against strange creatures – Shooting games have been around for a long time, even for Android. We cannot deny that they are some of the most popular and fun games to play. Even though they have a high device requirement, many people would still play games like Earth Protect Squad. Here, you will fight not against other players, but against aliens. Specifically, these strange creatures look like a hybrid of aliens and zombies that are more powerful than humans. These mutants eat people so they can multiply, so you must do everything you can to stop them. Fight in different locations, weapons and missions to save Earth from the brink of collapse!

Go Solo or Multiplayer – In this game, there are 2 main game modes, Solo and Multiplayer. On the ground, you can play through various missions that span different locations. There’s also a tutorial and training missions that aim to let you get used to the intense action. Here, each mission consists of different enemies. The more missions you complete, the harder it gets! That’s why you should buy different weapons too. But if you want to play with friends and random people, you can try playing in Multiplayer mode too. Here, you can play with bots or real people and complete missions.

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Enjoy advanced weapons and technology – In this game, there are many normal and powerful weapons that you can use, such as rifles, pistols, machine guns and more. Also, there are different types of characters that you can unlock as well with different stats. These include the Destroyer, Sentry, Engineer, Specialist, Command, and more. But to help you in the fight against mutants, there are many advanced technologies you can use such as drones, battle robots and force fields. You can even call in an airstrike to help you when you’re in trouble!

Smooth and stunning graphics – Earth Protect Squad has one of the smoothest and most impressive graphics for an action game. The characters and creatures look realistic most of the time. You will also be impressed by the sound effects of this game.

Many quests and locations – If you are bored, you can play this game for hours! There are many locations like Desert, Tibet, Castle, City and Bridge. This game has many different creatures to keep you going!

Earth Protect Squad Mod APK – Unlock Arsenal

Are you ready to crush some aliens? Download Earth Protect Squad now and do your best to protect the Earth!


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