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There aren’t many games out there that let you create your own life story and live it to your satisfaction. That’s where Episode comes into play. The game lets you create your own avatar and then get involved in all kinds of drama, romance and stories that will challenge you to find love – and fight rivals.


The game has thousands of potential endings and the stories have been read billions of times – it’s the biggest fantasy romance game online right now. In addition to reading interactive romantic stories, you can even write and publish your own stories and get millions of people to read them – maybe you’ll come across a hidden talent you didn’t even know you had.

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Interactive drama stories for girls

Episode puts you in a story that was designed by another member of the community and allows you to change the outcome based on the meaningful choices you make. There are literally thousands of stories to choose from – although some are far more popular than others.

Some of the most popular stories include:

LOVE LIFE: Set amidst the lights of New York City, LOVE LIFE is a story where you flirt and make your way through the New York dating scene. You get to make the decisions and choose who you end up with – and there’s a lot of drama to unfold along the way. This is a great story to start with, as it will give you a real sense of what the game is all about – and it can teach you a thing or two about dating and love.

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The kiss list: Set at Kentworth Academy, your task is to maintain your record of dominating high schools by kissing the school’s ten hottest bachelors. Can you take it off? Flirt, tease and cement your position in the gym for the next generation to be in awe of.

Little liars: You are being blackmailed. Can you find out who it is? This version of the classic TV series has many plot twists – you will be shocked at the end! So much drama. Wow.

These are just a few samples of the game’s dramatic storylines. There are thousands more, with new ones being added all the time. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, do it yourself!

Tips for playing Episode

As with any game, you’re going to need some inside information if you really want to thrive. Here are some tips and tricks for playing Episode

Earn gems. You need gems to unlock new outfits and items for your character. They are also essential for decision making, so make sure you have plenty of them! You can earn more gems by simply working hard during the game or waiting to earn them passively, or even playing the game every day.

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Get passes. When opening a story, you can only read the first few chapters before needing to spend a pass. Passes can be obtained by logging into the game every two hours or awarded as developer rewards for completing in-game contests. You can also buy passes with real money, of course.

Write your own stories. If you really want to become an active member of the community – and earn new gems and passes through it – then you can write your own stories and get people involved with them. Not only is this a fun feature of the game, but it is also something that will develop your ability to tell a story, and this can, in turn, benefit you in real life. Try to create stories that are captivating but also unique. Your viewers will thank you for it!

Episode Mod APK – Unlimited Gems and Passes


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