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GB WhatsApp APK is for everyone everywhere looking for the ultimate version of the popular messaging app. Regardless if you’ve never tried it, you should consider giving it a go as there are so many features to experience that would surely be beneficial to your business!

Millions of people around the world rely on WhatsApp as a free messaging and call service. Available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, everyone can now take advantage of this application to get in touch with family, friends and business associates wherever they are!. WhatsApp is a free application that is readily available on both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, which makes it one of the best mobile messaging platforms currently available.


For many, WhatsApp is just not enough. They want more from this messaging app. The GB Whats App APK allows users of this messaging app to get a number of new features that are not available with WhatsApp.

More features than regular WhatsApp Whatsapp users get with GBWhatsApp APK.

GB WhatsApp APK (short for Android Package Kit) is a mobile messaging app that lets you connect with all kinds of people in your life even if they’re not on the same kind of phone as you. If you have an Android device, then GB WhatsApp is a good choice for communication. If it sounds good to you, but are still unsure, take a look at our guide to installing GB whatsapp Apk on any android device

GB WhatsApp’s APK essentially stands for Android Package Kit. This amazing app is the best tool to have in order to get the most out of WhatsApp. You should give it a try even if you don’t know anything about it because it has many unique features you won’t find anywhere else!

This article is all about the GB WhatsApp APK and its features working in the present scenario. Let’s check out all the information we have gathered so far below, shall we?

If you are looking for a guide on how to get GBWhatsApp APK on your smartphones then this is the article that you are looking for. Read below and find out all about its features.

 GBWhatsApp APK
GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp is an iOS application   developed by the same company that created WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp is completely free, unlike WhatsApp and provides the user with additional features: storage (photos, videos or any other file) from 8 to 25 GB depending on your needs and removal messages for up to 7 days. You can also get unlimited voice calls. GBWhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp that’s absolutely free and contains no fees or charges for downloading or utilizing its features. However, this app isn’t available on the Google Play Store, so you’re required to download it from the internet directly.

An app called Telegram allows you to easily chat with your friends and will have every feature that WhatsApp does plus a few more like the ability to chat with people from all over the world, so you can expect some amazing conversations. Users who choose this app love it because of its clean interface and free chats for everyone. This choice is rarely regretted so try it out today!

There are multiple features in this app as opposed to WhatsApp, such as the enhanced privacy, no blue ticks, increased character limit on statuses, file size sharing function, the option of contacts selecting and a lot more. All these things combined make it significantly more useful than WhatsApp.


If the GBWhatsApp APK feature we’re discussing is implemented, you won’t need to worry about pesky contacts anymore. If someone texts you and it seems like they’ve poked their noses into places where they don’t belong, you’ll be able to simply go over there and remove them from your list. GBWhatsApp has a security feature that disables text previews. From the app user’s perspective, there is no way to know when and what message arrives without opening it.

To get rid of these spam messages and showing yourself offline on WhatsApp, you may use the DnD feature. This feature allows users to disconnect their internet connection from WhatsApp and thus won’t receive any messages until they enable it back. To get rid of unwanted spam messages and to appear offline on WhatsApp, you can enable this “Do not disturb” feature which turns off your data connection for the app. This means when you’re turned off for WhatsApp, you won’t receive messages until you turn yourself back on again.

WhatsApp APK
WhatsApp APK

Auto reply

Using this Auto-reply feature is a fantastic choice if you want text messages to be sent to anyone in your phone. There are no issues whatsoever and the messages aren’t sent until you tell it to. This auto-reply feature is brilliant if you want to send any words of wisdom to anyone. The algorithm does it for you and you can have an instant response within minutes.

Text messages broadcast

The GBWhatsApp APK also allows up to 10,000 people to be present in a single WhatsApp conversation.

GBWhatsApp APK provides users with additional features including being able to send broadcasts to WhatsApp groups. Additionally, since GBWhatsApp is completely free to download, there are no hidden or unexpected charges like you might experience with other paid alternatives.

WhatsApp APK App
WhatsApp APK App

Anti-revoke messages

This version of WhatsApp includes the security feature of anti-revoked messages for your convenience.

This version of WhatsApp contains message protection as we know how important it is for you to maintain your privacy and therefore choose this feature for your convenience.

Filter messages

You can now clear your conversation history with any member of Slack. Gone will be the days where you have to scroll down through your list of conversations to find that specific message. With this new update, all messages are neatly stacked on top of each other giving you a tidy workspace without the hassle of having to look at unnecessary messages from insignificant people or reminders that it’s time to upgrade your ****.

With this handy feature, you can either erase your chat history with a specific contact or the entire conversation from the get-go and if you want, you can also edit it. The best thing about this is that once a chat is erased, not only does it vanish but so does the text inside it!

Nice Effects

This version comes complete with a number of customizable options. You’ll be able to take your pictures and videos with a range of amazing animations that allow you to make them look like something out of a picture book – they’ll even move like they’re real!

With this version, you can send your pictures and videos with a lot of fantastic features like 3D-shadows, blurring the images and many amazing effects that you can be able to select on your own.

Share live locations

GBWhatsApp APK: an essential way to stay safe , especially in our age of uncertainty. In these times, it is better for us all to know where each other is -not only in your business life but also with your family.

GBWhatsApp APK allows you to share your live locations with your contacts. It is indeed a great way to stay safe and it’s convenient in case you want to be easily located by the people who matter most.

Big media files sharing

WhatsApp is an application that allows users to effortlessly communicate with one another via methods such as text messaging, photos, voice memos etc. However it may be restricted or limited depending on the platform you’re using this app on but what if there was a version of WhatsApp which can allow users to share more than 90 pictures at a time and 100 MBs sounds files and 50 MBs video messages?

WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app available for Android, iOS and other smartphones that is famous across the world. With GB Whatsapp APK Download you can send unlimited pages to your friends at one go whenever you want. It also allows users to share 100 MBs audios and 50 MBs videos.

Incredible Themes

One can choose among different themes to use on their GBWhatsApp APK messenger. This great feature adds more fun while using this chat application and you will enjoy using it because of the interesting challenges.

There are lots of GIFs that are available for you to use as an opt-in message in your GBWhatsApp App and it is a really cool feature. You can even put the download link for the latest version of your app on the opt-in screen which might be able to drive additional downloads and there is also support for organizing group messages in a fun way.

Multiple fonts

There are so many interesting and different fonts provided in this app. The regular WhatsApp has a very low number of fonts while APK GBWhatsApp provides a lot of different fonts to bring variety into your texting.

From its older version, there are now more fonts provided in this app; GBWhatsApp APK gives a variety of messaging fonts to bring interesting to your every day typing.

Download statuses

Another feature that is offered through Snapchat which is similar (but different) to WhatsApp. With Snapchat, you can do things like download messages that have been deleted as well! Another interesting feature offered by Snapchat is the ability to download content including videos, audio and images from other users’ stories .

This is an awesome feature which will let you download the statuses of other users very easily. You can select from a wide range of file formats from the data available on their statuses and save them to your device for offline playback.

Alter media visibility

You can now address your contacts with a new feature you have on top of your in-app messaging. This way, any link shared by them will be directly saved into the folder shared specifically by these people that you’ve selected to receive it.

Message history

You can check your history of revoked messages by viewing Revoked Commodity Orders .

Hide pop-up notification

You can thumb your nose at all intrusive pop-ups from the bezel thanks to an amount of personalisation options


WhatsApp has the amazing capability of setting your preferred language regardless of where you are in the world.

Log history

First of all, you can check your contact’s personas/Avatars and see their title.

Good image resolution

It’s a highly configurable app with a pleasing interface that makes for an enjoyable user experience overall.

Profile picture notification

A lack of balance can send you in the wrong direction. When you’re out of balance, distractions will grab your attention and pull you away from what’s important to you.

Your contacts are using Messenger’s new profile photo feature, which lets you keep track of all of your friends’ latest profile photos!

Hide voice recording status

You can hide whenever you are recording a voice note to send to somebody.

How to download GBWhatsApp APK?

The GBWhatsApp APK Download is your first step towards becoming a regular user of GBWhatsApp. jioForums.com provide you all the information about how to get it successfully for your smartphone devices to use this amazing application freely & download app for iphones and pads effortlessly.

It is very important to learn how you can download the GBWhatsApp APK on your smartphone. So here is the whole procedure for doing that.

Much like WhatsApp, you can find GBWhatsApp by visiting the Play Store – which is available online as well as on various mobile devices.

Backing up WhatsApp information

Backing up data is something that should be done regularly as it keeps customer chats safe. It’s important to keep in mind that backing up your WhatsApp data can be done both on a phone and on a computer.

Computer backup is important too! Computer backup software let you make copies of your photos, documents and graphics all in one central place. Another popular computer program is EaseUs MobiSaver Free , which can help you backup saved chats with just a few click of the mouse.

Backup GBWhatsApp with APK

It is best to have at least 2 methods of backing up an individual chat’s data.

Backup GBWhatsApp with a PC

Looking to backup your WhatsApp data to your PC? Dr Fone for Android is an ideal application which can help you do so and with the transfer done over a local Wi-Fi network. With everything sent via the internet, there’s nothing to worry about security – it uses HTTPS encryption!

Last words

GBWhatsApp App is a brilliant choice for those who want to make their WhatsApp account even more exciting. As mentioned, there are plenty of new features which are available now for everyone. This version is absolutely safe to use, and it’s highly recommended for people everywhere to download GBWhatsApp and experience the new features.

Some people want to play games with their WhatsApp account. In such circumstances, we recommend that you should go for GBWhatsApp APK file. As mentioned before, this new version is absolutely safe to use. We would highly recommend it to all of them who are interested in playing more with WhatsApp.

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