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There have been countless roleplaying and simulation games on the mobile market. If you’ve heard of popular games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing – get ready for another popular game! This time, he borrows elements from those hit games and incorporates them into seamless gameplay!


Meet Harvest Town which is a game that was made by Avid.ly. It has become so popular that it has amassed over a million downloads on the Google Play Store! But what makes this game so interesting is the fact that you can manage and build your own city here. Explore a variety of locations, immerse yourself in the immersive story and interact with real online players around the world! There’s a lot to do in this game.

What is Harvest Town?

Roleplaying games are the rave these days. Combine that with simulation games and you’re ready for a ride! As we’ve seen, Pokémon is the first to introduce us to this RPG-style game with retro graphics and cool gameplay. But now, more and more games are being adapted into this style and gameplay.


One such game is called Harvest Town which is a popular mobile game that has racked up over a million downloads. In this game, however, you enjoy life in a simple city full of wonder and exploration. You can collect many resources like wood and enjoy the impressive storyline. Choose the ideal city you have in mind and participate in multiplayer online races, market trading and much more! There’s so much you can do here that you’ll play for hours.

Harvest Town features

One of the most popular games right now is Harvest Town. You can build your own city here complete with all the necessities you need. Here are the features of Harvest Town:

Awesome gameplay – One thing that separates the good games from the bad is the fact that they embody many of the elements of successful games. A good example of this is Harvest Town. This game borrows many of its elements from games like Stardew Valley and makes it your own. With that, it is able to give a completely unique gameplay to gamers of all ages. You’ll enjoy the vast world in this game, as well as the seemingly mundane things that add to the game’s overall charm. Not to mention, you’ll be immersed in an abundant story with tons of awesome characters.


retro graphics – As expected, this game features retro graphics reminiscent of some like Pokemon and Stardew Valley. That’s not a bad thing because this type of chart works! You are able to see the vastness of the map as well as the cute character designs in this game. Nothing beats a good old classic 2D graphic that has impressive gameplay and storyline.

Interesting story – Speaking of plot, you’ll be surprised at the interesting history that Harvest Town has to offer. There are tons of NPCs with fantastic drama, comedy and a little bit of action here and there. Choose who you marry and start a family in this epic simulation game. You will enjoy the storyline as much as you will enjoy freely exploring the regions!

multiplayer – But the cherry on top of Harvest Town is the fact that it supports multiplayer. Participate in online races, trade on the market and engage with many real online players around the world. Enjoy the thriving game with tons of features to offer together with your friends!


Controls – You can easily control your character here using the navigation panel on the left side. Then everything else can be tapped on the screen.

Download Harvest Town APK – Latest Version

Harvest Town is a truly magnificent game that offers nostalgic graphics and an interesting storyline. Download now!


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