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Hoti Nahi Qabool Dua Tark e Ishq Ki 2 line shayri

Hoti Nahi Qabool Dua Tark e Ishq Ki 2 line shayri

Hoti Nahi Qabool Dua Tark e Ishq Ki 2 line shayri
Hoti Nahi Qabool Dua Tark e Ishq Ki 2 line shayri

Hoti Nahi Qabool Dua Tark e Ishq Ki,

Dil Chahta Na Ho Toh Zuba’n Mein Asar Kahan

ہوتی نہیں قبول دعا ترکِ عشق کی
دل چاہتا نہ ہو تو زباں میں اثر کہاں

मुहब्बत छोड़ने की दुआ क़बूल नहीं होती
दिल ना चाहे तो भाषाओं में असर कहाँ ?

Best Poets of Pakistan and India

Best poets in Urdu are very rare to find. This is because the language of Urdu was preserved mainly for the people who use it as their native language and through those people only. One of the finest poets in Urdu is Ghalib Muiuddin. He was born in what is now Pakistan and is one of the best known poets of Pakistan. His work is collected in UrduBooks.


Another great Pakistani poet is Mir Abdul Baqi Sahoo. Born in Hyderabad, India he moved to Pakistan after partition. He joined the Qasid Army and rose to become a top recruiter. After retirement he began to write full time and won many awards for his work.


All the great Pakistani poets have their own unique style of poetry. But all the best poets do share a common theme in their work. They all speak about the glory of Islam and the message of peace. In fact all the Pakistani writers are peace lovers – their poems speak of the divine values of Islam.


All the Pakistani poets do not hold religious beliefs. Their poetry is inspired from Islamic books of Ayurveda and vedic astrology. The topics they discuss are mostly about nature and the elements that make up the universe. The best poets in Urdu will often quote verbiage from the Bible or from Islamic saints and scholars. But all that is irrelevant, because their goal is to convey their thoughts and messages in simple, beautiful, and elegant verse.


The most notable feature about all the best poets of Urdu is that all their work is written in a flowing and conversational style. It is very easy to understand and anyone can easily get lost in their words. They say that there is only one language – the language of love. All other languages are mere translations. Urdu poetry is a perfect example of the beauty of language, and the art of translation.


The word ‘Aab’ in Urdu is using to describe long poem which is usually poetic in tone and structure. A poem which is over five hundred words long is termed as a Mughal poem. It is usually set in the format of an epic story and depicts the grandeur and tragedy of a great Mughal king or the bravery of a warrior. These stories are told by the poets to entertain and arouse the emotion of those who read them.


Most of the Urdu poetry is inspired from the life of the founder of Islam. All the writings written by these poets are about the great prophet Muhammad (SAW), his family and companions, his teachings, his funeral rituals and burial, his favorite sayings, his characteristics, behavior, dealings and so on. Some of these famous and popular Urdu poets are:


All the above mentioned poets have helped to shape the form of Urdu poetry. Urdu literary works have been hugely popular worldwide and many of its modern poems are hugely in demand. Some of them are written in a style which has become highly popular all over the world today. They are written in Urdu in a manner which is easy to understand and understood by people of any age group. Many of these modern Urdu poets have made their contributions to the field of literature and taught us some of the beautiful and elegant traits of true poetry.


Urdu poetry has some of the greatest poets who have expressed their love for the noble cause of art and literature through their poetic creations. Some of these great poets have passed away and we have lost a lot of our ancient culture through their poems. We owe it to them to keep and cherish such beautiful pieces as a part of ourselves.


The greatest tribute one can pay to such great poets of Pakistan is by quoting their words in public. People of any age group, gender and class can quote them and make their presence felt. It is not necessary that you have to read poetry to be able to appreciate this art. You can just glance at a beautifully crafted Urdu poem and its meaning will instantly sink into your mind. The beauty, the lines, the beauty, the simplicity, all will make you feel the presence of a great being and this feeling will spread like a cold wind outside your house and make you feel proud of your inner self.


The poetry of Urdu is something that has always brought people closer to each other. It has inspired people, gone to deep into their emotions and talked to them on a deeper level. Urdu poetry is not just about creating beautiful words, it is also a celebration of life. A celebration that is free, impulsive and spontaneous. Poetry that is full of courage and emotion and even when you are moving towards a path of success and peace, you will still find a way to touch the hearts and souls of the people that look up to you for guidance.

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