How do Screen Record on iPhone (Easy Steps With Video)

A screenshot – a screenshot – or recording a video of what is happening on your iPhone’s display? Whatever your intention is to simply save the record or share it with others or even use it in documents, TecMasters now shows you how easy it is to record your iPhone screen.

How to Screen Record on iPhone

Recording a video of what happens on the iPhone screen is also very simple. The cool thing is that you don’t need any extra apps or tools. Apple’s own operating system brings the embedded function.

  1. As of iOS 14, just go to Settings > Control Center and tap the “+” button to add the screen recording function on your smartphone;
  2. Then, pulling the top of the screen in the right corner, the recording icon will be there, in the iPhone Control Center (and it works the same on the iPad or iPod Touch);
  3. Finally, by clicking on the gray recording icon, wait for the 3-second countdown and that’s it – from there, everything you do on the phone will be recorded in a video file at the end;
  4. To end the recording, just go back to the Control Center and click on the icon again – now red – and end the video.

The created video will automatically go to your photo folder and there you have the option to edit it as well.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone

If your intention is not to make a video, taking a screenshot on iPhone is very simple. As of iOS 14, on devices without the home button, simply press and release the side button (power) and the volume up key at the same time.

On iPhones that still have the home button, with a biometric sensor, just do the same procedure, but combine the home button itself with the side key (on/off)

As soon as you click both buttons at the same time, the thumbnail image will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen. Click to choose how to save it: in photos or as a file. There is also the option to edit the image; cut, draw, insert text… Simple as that!

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