Love Poems

I Cannot Live Without You

by Emily Dickinson

I Cannot Live Without You

by Emily Dickinson

I can not be with you
This life will be –
and life is
behind the shelf

Sexton holds the key –
Our life – its porcelain –
like a cup-

deprived of housewife
Weird – or Broken –
A new Severis agrees –
The old ones are broken –

I could not die – with you
One has to wait.
To close the eyes of others –
you can not

And I – can I stand?
and you see – frozen
Without my right to frost –
right to die?

Nor could I get up – with you –
Because your face
Will cast out Jesus –
That new grace.

Shine Simple – And Exotic
At my home sight –
Except that you are against it.
shine closely –

They will decide for us – how
For you – served heaven – you know,
or found –
I can’t-

Because you filled your eyes –
And I didn’t have eyes.
For the lowly virtue.
as heaven

And if you lose, then I –
Although my name.
highest color.
On heavenly glory –

And did you survive?
And I – condemn to be.
where were you not
They themselves – hell for me –

So we should meet separately –
you there – in – here –
With doors only.
They are the sea – and prayer –
And that white provision

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