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Like Share Apk Free Download for Android [Share & Earn]

like share apk application is a great way to share with your friends! You can download this app for Android devices. This apk will allow you to share photos, videos, audio files and more on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

This app is 100% safe to use because it’s made by reliable developers. Use our guide below if you are having trouble downloading the apk file or want to learn how you can earn money from sharing content with friends!

What is like share apk?

LikeShare is a new platform where you can make money. There are very limited places where you are working. So it is not a global application. But it first started in Indonesia. But now it is also available for India and China. So, you can download the app to earn a lot of money at no cost.

You do not need to make much effort there. It’s just plain simple and you are supposed to share Facebook pages, like, comment and watch videos. They provide likes, tracking and sharing services for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. So you are their partner and you perform those services for them.

They will give you three tasks to complete where you will be asked to follow or subscribe to a YouTube channel. Or they will offer you a page on Instagram or a page on Facebook. So you have to follow, like, or subscribe to that page and capture a screenshot of that page. That way you will be able to make money.

Basically, they pay you directly as there is no opportunity to score points. Therefore, it makes it simple and convenient for users to start earning. However, most people who are working there are considering it as a money making machine. So, you can also join that mega platform to get free money.

As Sharing Profit Application is the best option for those who are interested in having income from the kitchen. Because this is a new and mega platform that has started working in almost 10 countries. I will share the list of those places where you are currently working, in order to check that list.

like share apk Details

measures13.43 MB
Packer Nameplus.e revenue
Android required4.4 and above

How does the Like Share application work?

This is a very important question about LikeShare. Because users need to know before joining this forum. So basically, it is a likes and sharing forum for social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and a few others. So they offer likes, pursuits, shares, subscribers and more.

They have a large number of members around 5 million or even more than that. So when you join this platform, you will join it as their partner. They will assign you some pages or channels on YouTube and ask you to follow or offer other services. So then you have to do it at the same time.

Once you are done with that task, you should capture a screenshot of that completed task. Then send it to the authorities. There is an option already available just before the task to send the screenshot. So you can use it and then click on the submit button. This is all.

However, if you initially like or follow that channel but then do not like or follow it, then it will be considered a failed task. Then your request for new assignments will be abandoned. Therefore, you should do it honestly and you should not cheat.

List of places

This is the list of sites where LikeShare Apk is running. In addition, there are more sites that officials will add to the new updates. So for this you will need to keep visiting this site for more updates. But for now you can only have these places.

  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • crust

If you are from these countries or live there and have registered a mobile number, then you can apply for this. Otherwise, you are not qualified. There you will only get those opportunities to register.

Is the LikeShare app real?

Yes, it is real and there are more than 5 million registered users from the mentioned countries. So, you can also join the list and start getting lots of money from there. All money will be transferred to your accounts. So from there you will be able to pull it off.

Is it free?

It is free as well as paid. So you can start for free but you can upgrade to your VIP profile while investing a lot of money. Therefore, it depends on the users whether they want to get a free profile or a paid profile. However, according to officials, paid accounts receive more privileges.

Final words

That’s all from today’s review. I am sure this will help many users to meet their basic financial needs. So, download the latest version of LikeShare Apk for your Android mobile phones.

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