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Magic Call Mod Apk (MOD, For Android)

Magic Call Mod Apk

Magic Call Mod Apk Call is a useful app which helps you change your voice during calls. It lets you turn your voice into what seems like something not human so people will think you’re someone else and have a good laugh. This is an amazing prank app for anyone looking to get a good laugh at someone’s expense, but it’s also great for playing tricks on friends in other ways such as setting the speaker to record after pretending to hang up. The simple and clean interface makes it easy for anyone whether they are tech savvy or not and makes it perfect for entertaining people of any age!

Magic Call is an excellent app for entertainment purposes. If you enjoy playing around with your voice, this app is an ideal solution for you. With it, you can easily change the pitch and tone of your voice during calls. It’s perfect for fun and pranks, since many people cannot detect the voice changes right away! Experienced users can also make use of Magic Voice’s special features to enhance their conversations securely.

This app is so much fun to use. It has so many great free features like background sounds, effects and voices. You can change your voice into a robotic or female voice and these options are completely free! Most apps cost money but this one is just as powerful with everything available for free. You can also record sound clips in your altered voice straight from the app and email them or post them to websites like Facebook easily.

There are so many effects available in the app which you can use for background sounds. All effects are free to use. You can change your voice in female or robotic voices as well. Most of the voice changer apps cost money but this is completely free and has lots of free features.

You can easily change the voice according to gender or age as well. Here you can try one of the female effects and a male effect! You can also select a child voice effect during calls. Using different sound effects becomes even more entertaining, too!

You can change the voice to sound deeper as well. And with so many other fun effects, most notably rain and traffic noise, you can add more excitement to your calls. Prank your friends or just have a really good time being entertained with all the various voice effects available.

Get credit in the app and call your friends to use those voice changers. You can appreciate emoji in the app for more fun. Turn your voice into a dreamy girl and talk to your male friends. Switch from one effect to another during calls. This app is light in size and does not consume large storage.

There’s no need to pay for an app if you want to change your voice because let’s face it, paying for something that’s free doesn’t make sense. We have a free voice changer app review here at Apps Ratings which should give you all the nitty gritty details of a few effective apps that come with generous offers you can use to place calls and prank call your friends, family and anyone else that gets on your good side.

It is a free app for prank lovers because you can easily prank your friends and family by changing your voice into something else that’s either higher or lower than your own. You will get free credit on the first list which you can use to get those effects and voice changers that you like so much! Let’s have a look at the features and other details of this app to learn more about it.

Additional Information

App NameMagic Call Mod Apk
Size29 MB
Latest Versionv1.6.0
MOD InfoFor Android
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdateJanuary 28, 2022
Magic Call APK
Magic Call APK

What is Magic Call APK?

Magic call is a great app for prank lovers. It features various voices and options to change your background noise on calls to give them the illusion that you’re spewing dialogue from different characters such as female, robot, cartoon, kid, man and even more! There are so many great effects available.

Magic Call is a great app for prank lovers. This app allows users to change the voices in their calls, with options such as female, robot, cartoon, kid, man and even more. With what seems like limitless background audio effects available for use during calls such as traffic or machine noises for example, it’s easy to be able to trick your callers into thinking that you are not at home when really you’re on speaker phone somewhere out and about. The best part about this great voice changer application is that it’s safe to use and free of charge!

What is Magic Call Mod APK?

Magic Call Mod is a user friendly and smart android app that enables you to make high quality, inexpensive HD voice over IP (VOIP) calls and video calls with anyone in the world. Enjoy permanent access to premium features for free using this mod version instead of paying for it.

SounDac is an app that lets users rate their calls on a 1-5 scale for tone, clarity and volume. This app was created to help people think about their behavior when they talk to one another. What kind of people do we want to be? Do we want to be rude, inconsiderate and unkind? Or do we want to be courteous and kind all the time?

Magic Call Mod APK
Magic Call Mod APK

Change Your Voice

Magic Call is an innovative app which lets you change your voice on the fly. There are just too many choices to choose from, so good luck figuring out exactly what voice to use in this app! You can change your voice when you’re making a call, and it’s really entertaining. Changing up your voice using cool vocal techniques like those used in cartoon impressionists provides some hilarious twists on typical phone conversations.

Magic Call can be a fun way to personalize your voice and give yourself a different sound for calling people on the phone. You don’t need any special software or hardware other than what’s already on your device. Simply install Magic Call and you’re ready to start! There are several different voices you can use, which can make things interesting with family and friends without needing anything else in order to change how you sound on the phone.

Lots of Voices

There are many awesome and funny voices inside the app to choose from. You can easily change your voice into a woman, man, cartoon voice or normal voice. If you want to prank call, use a female voice to say something flirty. The list is endless for all of the different voices you get with this app. Your friends will be surprised at how real it seems when you change your voice! And not just that – you can change your voice up even more by choosing an age group, like changing it into a kid’s voice or an adult male’s voice instead.

The One Voice app has lots of hilarious and amazing voices to choose from – you can even prank your friends using the silly female voice if that suits you. Obviously, the best one is a male one as women are sillier! There’s also a dynamic age option and a child’s voice.

Easy to Use

This app is so easy to use thanks to its simple design and layout. Anyone can easily make calls with this app and change their voice when talking over the phone. Explore all the voices you can use by navigating back and forth between tabs on this app, and check out the great features that come standard with every call. The user interface is sleek and smooth, which loads everything quickly, allowing users to do what they want as quickly as they need!

This app offers a simple user interface and makes it easy for anyone to make calls on their phone. You can customize your voice by exploring all the voices and effects available on the main page. With its sleek design, you can quickly access all of this application’s tabs without any difficulty!

Background Effects

The magical app can change your voice and add magical effects to calls, like traffic sound, party, rain, rush, concert and more. It helps you make real-time calls with the friends anywhere in the world through chatting application. For example: If a friend is out of town or goes hiking with friends for one day, you can easily let him enjoy the same environment using this app.

Magic Call is not only about changing your voice, though that is one of the most obvious changes. Magic Call allows you to add an extra soundtrack to your calls with things like sounds of traffic, birds chirping in the jungle or even a heavy downpour. All of these background effects are realistic and make for an amazing prank experience.

Free to Use

It is a free to use app with lots of amazing features. It has some cool features and most of them come for free. It doesn’t cost you anything and that’s the main reason I like this app best. You don’t have to worry about your privacy as the app does not ask you for any personal details so far. You stay in control of the app since it comes with a user friendly interface which you can utilize easily as per your needs.

It is a free tool with loads of features. Similar tools in these categories operate on a subscription basis, but this tool is the only one that users can access for free with extra credits coming easily once they get their first account and make certain transactions. This app doesn’t ask you to flag any personal information because all it needs to get started are your number and email ID, which are both standard details that pop up whenever you register or log in to new websites/apps. You can manage the app as per your specific needs and preferences.


This app can be used for both valid and invalid purposes. While it is true that developing its potential to its full potential would be a huge loss on your part because you’d be neglecting the good which could be done with it to focus on the bad, but that may not necessarily mean that this bad must happen.

Unlimited Credits

Magic Call Mod allows you to make unlimited calls with the press of a button from your phone’s menu. But that’s not all! Enjoy real-time effects, and voice changers during your calls and prank your friends. Magic Call Mod lets you call all these premium features for free as it does comes packed with unlimited credits – all that in a beautiful and easy-to-use user interface for instant calling which doesn’t eat up too much of your phone’s RAM or battery.


Magic Call Mod is an app that lets you create some magic for your friends and family by changing your voice tones. You can call anyone using the app, change your voice during calls (manipulate or add sounds of different characters), add effects to make your friends laugh, and have unlimited credit with this mod version so you don’t have to worry about paying money while having all the premium features at no cost.

This is one of the best apps you’ll find for pranking your friends. Download it, change your voice and call your friends to have a good laugh together. You can also make free calls from this app since it allows you to save credit and use it later!.

Use background sounds like the sound of rain, or a conversation in the other room to really pull your user into your app. It’s completely free to download apps and it doesn’t cost any extra than that to get some good quality audio clips you can use without limits. Check out this app for some cool audio effects and feel free to comment below if you have any questions or feedback about it!

Use background sound effects in your phone calls and make it seem as if you’re undergoing a hostage situation. The app is free to download, has no downloads per se, and it’s totally awesome! You can use the weird sounds during your weekend activities with friends.

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