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Maki Plus Apk (MOD, Download For Android)

Maki Plus Apk

Maki Plus APK is an Android app available on the Facebook apps page. Maki Plus App is a standalone, ad-free application where users can explore the original feed and much more without any interruptions. Users can login and find friends they may have lost while exploring. For example, it has a built-in messenger that allows users to make and receive voice calls within the app instead of having to switch to the Facebook Messenger app or Google Hangouts video call function on their smartphone’s primary app launch screen. This makes things a lot easier because it won’t constantly force you to leave the app for certain functions like making calls. As for customization options, there are plenty of themes available in this Android Facebook edition offering different shades depending on your preferences! These will also help save power since dark themes consume fewer resources than light ones do by large margins!

Maki Plus Free is a popular Facebook app that doesn’t have ads or other sponsored content in it. It’s designed so you can access the Facebook social network and all its useful features without having to deal with annoying spammy or otherwise poor quality advertisements. Maki Plus Download offers its users a richer experience thanks to extra functionalities that aren’t available within official Facebook mobile apps thus far. You can make voice and video calls without issues, for example, thanks to the integrated in-app messenger service. In addition it comes with an eye-opening dark mode that really appeals to those who are fond of the dark design concept. Extra theme support enhances Maki Plus appeal as well since this innovating Facebook client allows users to personalize their overall ad experience.

Maki Plus
Maki Plus

Additional Information

App NameMaki Plus Apk
Size5.7 MB
Latest Versionv4.9.6.4 build 386
MOD InfoDownload For Android
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdateJuly 09, 2021

Block Facebook Ads

This app is a Facebook ad and sponsor elimination tool that makes the Facebook environment clutter-free. It connects you directly to the main service of Facebook, as well as allows for super faster browsing and smooth scrolling without any undue load time. The app takes full advantage of HTML5 when loading your newsfeed and feels light on systems. This app doesn’t even collect your personal information like email or phone number but simply connects you to the website to make it easier for you to navigate within its environment rather than have ads popping up all over your screen tempting you constantly with offers or vouchers at every turn which may distract from what’s truly important – keeping in touch with family and friends!

There are so many ads and sponsors on Facebook, which annoy people. This app will completely eliminate these annoying ads and sponsors from your Facebook feed. You’ll be able to see your Facebook newsfeed with minimal interruptions for now on. The app collects absolutely no personal information about you or anyone else, ensuring that you can rest easy knowing your information is always safeguarded. It bypasses the main servers of Facebook which enables faster scrolling and loading time so that you’re always on top of all the latest updates!

Facebook advertisements are annoying and becoming more common. This app blocks those pesky advertisements while still connecting you to Facebook without fail. You won’t have to deal with any poking or other advertising, which means your feed will be clean and less cluttered entirely


Built-in Messenger and Automatic Night Theme

This app has built-in Facebook messenger which is a great feature that’s completely free, you don’t have to download any other messenger programs. You can use both Facebook and Messenger in the same app, so you won’t need to worry about switching back and forth between messenger programs on your smartphone. You can send messages and media files to your friends on Facebook via this apps official messenger service. And it also allows you to do video and voice call conversations with your friends using the app’s official messaging system. An automatic night theme feature enables the dark mode every night at midnight; thus making for easier use of the program especially when it comes time to sleep as well (because who wants to keep their phone light shining past a certain hour?).

This app has built-in Facebook messenger and that is the best feature of this app. You do not have to download any separate messenger for Facebook. You can use both Messenger and Facebook in the same app. It allows you to send messages and media files to your friends. You can do video and voice call to your friends without any issue. Automatic night theme feature enables the dark mode at night.

The Facebook Messenger application already has features like messaging and media sharing at the user’s disposal. All this requires is a matching smartphone or PC device that runs on Android, iOS, Windows or any other web-capable operating system.

Facebook accounts
Facebook accounts

Multiple Accounts and More

If you have multiple Facebook accounts, then you can easily add them all to your Kickoff app. Use your different profiles and switch between all your Facebook accounts at ease. It’s one of the best apps which lets you switch between multiple different social media apps, without hindering or making it tough for you to do so.

The Facebook Lock allows users to lock and secure their other apps using their Facebook account. With this, users can login to more than one account at the same time with only one app on your android mobile phone.

If you have multiple Facebook accounts, then you can easily add them all to this app. You can use all of your Facebook accounts within one app. Switch between these accounts easily and smoothly. It’s the best multi-accounting application for Android.

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