Educational Psychology Degree Programs [Online]

What is educational psychology?

Educational psychology applies tools, research and methods from psychology to learning and pedagogy. Educational psychologists observe how students learn and interact with teachers and managers to improve teaching methods. They can work directly for school systems, local authorities, private schools, or universities.

Educational psychologists can also act as school counselors. These psychologists meet regularly with teachers, principals, parents, students, and other professionals to ensure that students receive a high-quality education.

Most pedagogical psychologist roles require a master’s degree in addition to one- or two-year internship and basic requirements. This study directly benefits children, students and teachers at all levels. Educational psychologists help students with behavioral problems and developmental delays.

Educational Psychology vs. School Psychology

Some people use “educational psychology” and “school psychology” interchangeably, but there are fundamental differences between the two areas. School psychologists focus more directly on their learning environment in the roles of individual students and clients. By introducing themselves to students, they owe a lot to behavioral and clinical psychology.

Educational psychologists are interested in the whole learning process. This macro-level focuses on learning systems and major changes from evidence-based research. In addition to training teachers to be more effective in the classroom, educational psychologists work with school principals to assess curriculum changes.

how Can You Get a Degree in Educational Psychology Online in 2021?

The online educational psychology degree follows the same accreditation process as on-campus programs, so online educational psychology degrees meet the same academic and professional standards as the equivalent on-campus degree. Distance educators watch lectures, read relevant textbooks, take exams, complete projects and interact regularly with teachers and peers.

Students take most distance learning courses, but online educational psychology programs require registrants to complete internships and clinical time. At most online universities, students can meet these requirements locally. Compared to programs on campus, online psychology courses offer more flexibility and accessibility. The bachelor’s degree has access to quality programs regardless of location. In some cases, online education is cheaper than programs on campus.

Featured Online Programs for Educational Psychology Online

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