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Detailed information about Penly APK

Penly APK is a productivity tool designed to help you edit and organize your documents. It offers convenience as you can access all your documents quickly without wasting too much time.

In addition, the app has unique features that further enhance its usability. Allows you to add photos, resize images, erase, enlarge and highlight, among others. As such, you can be assured of efficiency when using this app.

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If you want a complete productivity tool, download Penly Free APK for Android. The app is only 67M and works perfectly with Android 7.0 and above devices.

How to use Penly APK

Penly APK is easy to use. All you have to do is open the app and it will automatically display all your recently used documents in the sidebar. There are also other options that can help you organize your files easily.

You can create new documents or folders with ease. These documents include text files, photos, audio clips, videos, and PDFs.

Also, you can backup your files and folders with a single tap. The app will display all the files you’ve created, which you can transfer to whatever cloud storage option you prefer to use.

That way, you can access your files from whatever device or platform you are using. It’s the best way to share and collaborate on your documents no matter where you are.

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It’s also easy to select, copy, move, rename and delete files. Even better, the app is set to open on the last page visited. As such, you can pick up where you left off without too much trouble.

Penly app outstanding features APK free download

In addition to the ease of use, some other features make this app unique. Some of the key features include:

  • Annotate, annotate and edit PDFs

You can use a BlueTooth pen for smooth handwriting and customize the pen’s color, style, and thickness. You can even choose between a ballpoint pen and a fountain pen!

In addition, you can use the keyboard to highlight and underline text using the straight highlighter pen. So you can add images, annotate or edit your PDFs efficiently.

Even better, this app comes with a smart eraser that lets you undo or redo your edits with just one tap. You can also pinch to zoom when giving a presentation.

  • Create folders and groups for organizational convenience

After installing Penly APK, all your files will be saved in the app’s main storage. However, you can choose to create folders or groups for convenience.

You can add photos, videos and audio clips as well as text files to a specific folder. So you can quickly access all your documents without wasting time or effort.

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You can even create folders for each type of document, which is the best way to organize everything from school presentations to audio recordings of meetings.

  • Add notes from multiple sources

You can add additional notes to any text document within the app. You can get ideas from other sources, such as websites or books, and then incorporate them into your document for easy reference.

Likewise, you can use your phone’s microphone to record audio notes. Audio files will automatically be linked to the document they are associated with. That way, you’ll have everything you need to write an organized paper, a speech or even a book!

Other important features include the ability to upload your edited files and import documents from various sources.

  • A highly intuitive digital planner

The app includes daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages on different paper types, including plain, dotted, grid, and ruled. You can quickly check your scheduled items and easily create new ones.

Plus, it comes with a task manager that lets you manage your day-to-day activities and master long-term goals. This way, you will set specific milestones to achieve the desired results in an organized way.

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Also, you can set goals for each phase of your task. That way, you’ll know exactly how much work is left to achieve what you want. The elegant interface allows you to carry out your daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

  • Add images and edit PDFs in just a few clicks

This app allows you to zoom in and out of your file and bookmark certain pages. The sidebar lets you open PDF files in a new tab, which is convenient when you want to refer to a different document while working on a file.

Also, you can create a hyperlink to another page in your document without having to copy the link into the text field. That way, you can easily direct your readers to related content in a matter of seconds.

Better yet, you can import images to use in your planner, presentations, or even custom background. Once imported, you can save the images in the desired location and even rotate them for optimal use.

  • High functionality of stickers

The sticker function gives you easy access to stickers, allowing you to easily personalize your scanned documents. You can choose from a variety of colors and shapes, including hearts, flowers, or even gift boxes.

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You can import stickers or create an easily accessible sticker collection. Whether you want to edit a scanned file or create a new document, the app’s efficient functionality lets you accomplish your tasks at lightning speed.


Penly is an easy-to-use app that lets you scan, edit and share documents with ease. You can even manage your tasks in a highly intuitive planner that provides access across multiple devices.


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