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About Quick Shortcut Maker APK for android

We all have a lot of apps quick shortcut makers on our phones and tablets. Some people might be too lazy to open up an app, so they create shortcuts for the ones that are used the most. Quickshortcutmaker is a new application that can help you do just that.

You can either choose one of your existing activities or type in any other word (or words) you want as long as it’s not too long and it doesn’t contain letters like “&@” which won’t work. It’ll automatically generate what we call a quick shortcut maker apk with its corresponding icon and then you can save it to your home screen or share it with friends! We hope this will make things easier for everyone out there who has trouble opening

If you don’t use an app frequently, maybe the shortcut to it doesn’t exist. This can make finding what you need very difficult! Luckily with our amazing Quick Shortcut Maker apk in your pocket or on your laptop – just type out “my name” followed by space then press Enter-you will be able to launch any application without wasting time searching through menus and lists of apps.

Quick Shortcut Maker APK

What if there are way too many applications installed onto my phone though? Well never fear because this tool is so easy that even when running low on storage space for all these files, I found shortcuts within seconds thanks again guys over at Shorcuts123 !”

Quick Shortcut Maker APK

QuickShortcutMaker Technical file information

Name Quick shortcut maker apk
Updated Oct 4th, 2020
Compatible with Android 1.6+
Last version 2.4.0
Size 2.0MB
Category Tools & Personalization
Developer sika524
Price Free

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Quick shortcut maker Free APK App Features

  1. Quick Shortcut Maker is a very simple application easy-to-use
  2. Make Shortcuts Quickly
  3. Shortcut For Hidden Apps
  4. Create Settings Activity Shortcuts
  5. Change Shortcut App Icons
  6. Customize Shortcut Settings
  7. Easy to Create Shortcut App

Quick Shortcut Maker Premium APK App Features

  • Quickly Create Shortcuts
  • Create Shortcuts of frequently used apps & activities
  • Find the hidden services & activities on your smartphone
  • Customize Setting while creating Shortcut
  • Change the shortcut Icons
  • Make your favourite activities list in the quickshortcutmaker App
  • Change themes in the quickshortcutmaker app
  • Search and Small activities like Wifi, Customization, Developer options, etc and create shortcuts
  • Customize the app settings
  • All the features included for Making Shortcut 

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How to Download Quickshortcutmaker apk app 2021

Download Quick shortcut maker Android apk app 2021 to create your own shortcuts for apps and phone features. This application is a one-stop solution for all the shortcut needs of an Android user. It comes with pre-installed shortcuts that will help you do things like calling your mother, sending a text message, or taking a selfie just by pressing one button on your screen. You can also download this app to get access to thousands of custom-made shortcuts created by other users!

How to Install Quickshortcutmaker apk app 2021

The installation process of Quick Shortcut Maker APK is really easy and simple, just follow the steps given below in the graphic image. QuickShortcutMaker app will be successfully installed on your device.

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