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Relay for Reddit Pro Apk (MOD, Patcher)

Reddit Pro Apk

Reddit Pro Apk is a new, stylish way to browse Reddit. It has everything you need in a premium app: multiple account support, swipe gestures, and a user friendly interface. Relay for Reddit even comes with advanced reporting features that provide you with valuable feedback.

Reddit Pro is a new and unique way to browse Reddit. Searches in Relay for Reddit can be launched from anywhere, at anytime by simply swiping from the top edge of the screen and entering your search query. Search results are displayed instantly as you type; no need to hit ‘search’ when you are good to go! Relay offers support for the following advanced search queries:

Reddit Pro
Reddit Pro

Additional Information

App NameRelay for Reddit Pro Apk
Size14.3 MB
Latest Versionv10.0.46
MOD InfoPatcher
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdateFebruary 11, 2022

Interface and Animations

Reddit Pro Apk provides you with a stunning experience while viewing any articles on your phone’s screen. The app loads link and comment pages simultaneously and it’s easy to navigate between the two. The animations are fluid, smooth, and precise when using the application which enhances its overall look. Beautiful animations like simple swiping provide an added bonus for users of the product who want to experience other facets of their online life on different devices such as their computer etc. Having two different themes based on whether the user wants their screen to be dark or light can be handy for people who spend long hours browsing web-based platforms etc.

The Pulse app has an amazing interface with some beautiful, smooth animations. It’s intuitive for users and has a lot of options for notifications. Users can navigate between articles and comments easily in the comments section. There are two different themes available: light and dark.


Inline Previewing and Advance Features

This is a great feature which will allow you to see previews of pictures and links inline. There’s also the ability to inline preview Youtube, Gifs and videos embedded directly in posts (with screengrab). You can now navigate through comments more easily with the help of this app! Words like IMIA are highlighted in yellow, thus making it easier to spot them. This moderator system is very sophisticated allowing you to show posts with words or phrases that you have flagged as annoying or on rule breaking, etc..

This is a very useful feature in where you will be able to see the inline preview of pictures and links. Inline previewing of Youtube, Gifs and videos. It has an advanced comment navigation feature. This app makes it easy to find next or previous thread, finding words with IMIA (in-text notations markup) and even more. Moderator features include distinguishing, sticky posts, rank-ups and bans!

reddit accounts
reddit accounts

Multiple Accounts

You can add multiple reddit accounts to this app. Switch between these accounts with just a single tap and enjoy exploring new feeds on the platform. Reply right away to messages that come in with ease, right from your inbox! The application makes it easy to get filter out subreddits that offer up content you don’t necessarily want to see while browsing. It’s possible to customize things like the font size (thanks, resizable text support!) and even the overall appearance of the user interface as well. With high resolution thumbnails for every post on Reddit, everything looks crisp and clear!

The app boasts features that users will find helpful for their daily reddit experience. It allows multiple logins, so that you don’t need to constantly switch between accounts. It also allows the user to switch between these accounts with a single tap and like many of the reddit apps out there, this one also allows you to reply directly from your inbox! The app has a filter option for users who wish not to see posts from certain subreddits as well. The app even lets you change the font style and size so if you prefer bigger fonts then feel free to turn them on and make reading easier on the eyes – this way you don’t strain yourself while browsing reddit in bed! There are a couple of fun customization options available – though not in abundance but they do let you play around with how your reddits look!

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