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Here in the UK, you are most welcome. Our open and comprehensive lifestyle will impress you, our rich cultural history will blow your mind and since our universities are the most trusted and respected in the world – you will be able to develop your best and brightest ideas. To study here

UK universities have adapted to the epidemic of covid 19, ensuring that the safety of students remains a top priority while continuing the world-class education known as the UK. Every UK university has dedicated staff to assist international students at every stage of their journey: from application to travel preparation, to assist you on arrival and throughout your time at the University ۔

We want you to feel welcome and comfortable when you arrive in the UK, and we want to reassure all international students that UK universities are looking forward to welcoming you.

Find out more about preparing for your UK education in the 2021-22 academic year below.

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Many British Council offices provide international students with the latest information about studying in the UK and some pre-departure briefings. Please contact your local British Council office to find out if help is available.

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For more information on how Covid-19 is affecting international students, see our Covid 19 FAQ

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