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Top 10 Best Apps to Record Screen in checkspedia com

Whether to work, record stories, study or create the most diverse content, screen recording apps are a tool full of utilities. If your phone or tablet didn’t come with this feature, this is the right place for you to find the best screen recorder and start using it as soon as possible.

To help you choose, we’ve put together the 10 best apps to record screens  for iOS and Android, organized by their differentials. We have included the famous Mobizen, AZ and Super Screen Recorder apps in it. But first, keep reading to see what characteristics you should look for to identify the ideal.

How to Choose the Best Screen Recording App

Whether for personal or professional use, there are features you need to look into to choose the best screen recorder. The most important thing is that it is compatible with your operating system . Be sure to check out this and other tips in the topics below.

① Android or iOS? The App Must Be Compatible with Your Device

The first criterion before choosing the best app to record your cell phone screen is to see if it is compatible with your operating system. While many developers create tools that work on any type of phone, some are only available for a certain model .

One of the most famous examples of screen recorders for Android that are exclusive to this system is Mobizen . Among the apps to record iPhone and iPad screen, one of the most popular is Go Record. So be sure to check this information before downloading the app.

② Prefer Apps with 1080p and 60 FPS for Better Image Quality

Especially if you’re going to use the app to record screens professionally , it’s very important to pay attention to the image quality it offers. This will define whether your video will arrive blurry, with the feeling of being in slow motion or with subtitles that are difficult to read.

For personal use, 720p is enough to record good images . But if you have a YouTube channel, are going to use the app for tutorials or record stories, opt for an app that has at least  1080p, which means maximum quality, in Ultra HD.
To identify the best quality, you also need to check what the maximum frames per second (FPS) is. 

The higher the FPS, the more fluid the movements will be like changing screens, pulling the notification bar or during a game. Therefore, give preference to apps that offer 60 FPS.

③ Features such as Draw on Screen Facilitate Interaction with Viewers

Even though they all have the same main function which is to record the screen, some apps offer more features than others. For example, there are apps that activate the front or rear camera when recording , which is great for anyone who wants to record reaction videos or communicate directly with the audience.

Drawing on the screen or showing your finger touch whenever you click a button helps viewers follow your explanation step-by-step. Applications with gesture options are the most practical, as they have shortcuts such as shaking the device to stop recording, or rotating to start.

Most screen recording apps have a countdown , which is how long it waits to start recording after you give the command. This time varies between 3 and 60 s depending on the application and allows you some time to prepare without having to cut the video afterwards.

④ It is important that the App can record the screen with internal and external audio

When recording a usage tutorial, a game or any explanation during the video, the ideal is to choose an app that can record the screen with internal and external audio. Fortunately, most recording applications capture sound during use , but not always from all sound inputs.

For example, there are screen and audio recorder applications that only capture sounds from the device’s microphone, not internal ones, such as those emitted by the application itself. Already in others, you need to choose between using internal or external sound. So, observe this aspect according to your use.

⑤ To Stream Screen in Real Time, Choose an App with Live Streaming

If you have a YouTube channel, or are active on social media and create content using screen recordings, you’ll appreciate having an app that does live streaming. Thus, you can do lives whenever you want without needing additional tools  or making the video and then posting it.

Still talking about external sharing, you can find screen recording apps that can transfer files via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth directly to your computer or other device. This saves a lot of time in case of heavy videos or if you use the app frequently.

⑥ For Adjustments Before Sharing, Have an App with Editing Tools

Who never finished a recording and wanted to cut some parts or put a filter to make the image more attractive? In some screen recording apps, you can do this and much more! All within the application itself quickly and conveniently.

Among the most common tools are adding text, stickers, rotating and changing speed. For those who want professional effects, it pays to look for advanced options, such as adding an intro, adding music or sound effects , joining several videos into one or even changing the file format.

⑦ Check if App Allows Create Watermark or Record with Clear Screen

Watermarks can be a positive or negative aspect, depending on the type of usage. For example, if you have a logo or want to prevent people from using your content without giving proper credit , it’s important to have a screen recording app that gives you the option of stamping your stamp on the video.

Some templates give you several options to customize the watermark, which is a big plus. But, if you want to record a video with a clear screen, check if the app “stamps” the videos with its own name , or if it requires a subscription to remove this mark, which is very common.

⑧ Find out if You Have to Pay Subscription to Use Some Features

When looking for the best screen recorder, you will find good free options , which are funded only using ads or by donations. However, there are also those that do not require payment to use basic functions, but charge to offer more features.

Among the subscription options, screen recording apps can offer one-time, monthly or annual payment plans . Therefore, before downloading the application, it is important to check whether the features you need are available in the free version and how much you will have to pay.

⑨ See if the Screen Recorder App Will Take Up Too Much Space on Your Smartphone

There’s nothing worse than searching for an app and, when downloading and installing it, discovering that your smartphone doesn’t have enough space for it, right? Therefore, it is always important to check the available space on your device and also the size of the app.

Screen recorder apps can take anywhere from 5 to over 160 MB of your internal storage, which is a huge range. Therefore, if you have little space available on your smartphone, it might be interesting to choose a lighter option.

⑩ Prefer Highly Rated Apps on Google Play and App Store

Another important point to check before downloading and installing an app to record your cell phone screen are user reviews on Google Play and the App Store. Both platforms display data such as the average score and the number of reviews and downloads made.

In both app stores, scores range from 0 to 5 and are an excellent way to get an idea of ​​the overall satisfaction of users with each option. It’s also interesting to take a look at the comments to get more specific opinions from those who have already used an app.

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