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Top 10 Best Invitation Maker Apps in checkspedia com (Canva and more)

A good application to make invitations can be of great help when planning a celebration or special date, as it is possible to create cards full of details right on the cell phone. Wedding, birthday or children’s party invitations can be made in a few minutes very easily.

Applications like Spark Post allow you to create animated invitations, while Canva provides you with a series of ready-made templates to make the job easier. To help you choose, we’ve gathered all the information about these apps, as well as a top 10 best apps to make invitations . Check out!

How to Choose the Best Application to Make Invitations

Upon entering the application stores of your cell phone, you will find dozens of apps to make invitations, but deciding which is the best option can be a little complicated. Therefore, we explain below everything you should consider to make a right decision for your interests.

① Prefer Applications with Ready-made Invitation Templates

Creating an invitation completely from scratch can be a complicated task, so it’s interesting to choose an application that offers ready-made templates . In this regard, creation is even easier if the models are separated by categories, such as wedding, birthday and others.

The coolest thing is that even with ready-made templates, most applications for making invitations  allow you to edit the colors, text fonts, sizes and position of the elements . Therefore, even if the invitation template is already ready, you can customize it in your own way.

② Check if it is possible to insert Image Banks, Device Photos and Stickers

For your invitation to be perfect, it is important that the application allows personalization with photos . For a birthday, for example, it might be interesting to insert photos of the birthday people that were saved in your gallery, giving it an extra touch of personality and exclusivity.

As for weddings and graduations, it’s nice to have editorial photo options available in the app itself , through image banks. Likewise, stickers can make your invitation even more complete. Check if there is this possibility before downloading the application to make an invitation.

③ Check if the Application Has Premium Access and What are the Advantages

Most invitation making apps available can be downloaded for free, however, many of them have a premium version available for those who want to subscribe. In general, these versions bring extra benefits , and in some apps more than one package is available.

Among the most common benefits are access to a greater number of ready-made templates and image banks, more advanced editing features, watermark removal and removal of advertisements from the application. Therefore, it is worth considering your goals and whether premium access is advantageous for you .

④ Invitations Without Watermark Can Bring More Seriousness

Some invitation maker apps put a watermark on the card after creation. This mark consists of the logo or application name, and is fixed in a corner of the image . However, invitations without a watermark can bring more seriousness, depending on the purpose of the event.

The positive point is that in the vast majority of cases this mark can be removed by purchasing a premium version of the app , when available. In these cases, you should consider whether it’s worth paying to have it removed or whether, at your event, the watermark won’t get in the way. Watch out for it!

⑤ Invitations in Animated Format are More Fun

If you don’t intend to print your invitations, but just share them with your guests on social networks or digitally, such as Instagram, Whatsapp and email, an invitation in animation format can be quite fun and interesting for your event! And even attract more people.

Contrary to what it may seem, with the help of an invitation application, this type of creation is not complex to do. In a few minutes you can have a personalized animation for your event with photos, videos and specific texts. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

⑥ Filters Can Bring More Creative Options

Some applications for making invitations allow the use of filters on specific images or on the entire production . In these cases, you can make your invitation look older, more vibrant, or even just change the brightness and saturation.

This feature increases your creative options when assembling the invitation, allowing you to leave the creation with the mood of the event. Have you ever thought about an invitation to a retro party with an aged look, which goes back to the time, pretty cool, isn’t it? So, make sure the filters are included in the app.

⑦ Apps with Features Other than Invitations are More Versatile

Even though making invitations is the main purpose of this type of application, many of them also include other features . Among the most common are building flyers, stories for Instagram, logos, event covers, certificates and other images with text.

Having other resources is really cool because it can increase your creative diversity and also serve for other times, in addition to event planning . Even if you don’t intend to use these functions, invitation apps like Canva and Desygner can be very useful.

⑧ Save to PDF Allows High Quality Printing

If you intend to print your invitations to distribute them, and not just share them digitally, it is important that the application provides high quality images , so that your impression is not impaired.

In these cases, the option to save your creation in PDF increases the quality of the print , offering a better result than in JPG or JPEG, for example. To publish it in high resolution in digital media, saving in PNG is more recommended. Be aware of this before downloading!

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