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Top 10 Best Project Management Tools in Checkspedia com

Both to improve your productivity and to bring the team together, having a good project management tool optimizes time and resources. With the functionalities offered by these software, it is possible to manage teams and monitor stages, customizing everything according to the type of activity.

Popular ones include Trello, Microsoft Project, and Asana, but there are others worth considering as well. That’s why we invite you to discover the 10 best project management tools in software and app format. Keep reading to find out how to choose the ideal one!

How to Choose the Best Project Management Tool

The best project management tool must offer useful features, have space for all team members, be compatible with your budget, synchronize between multiple devices, among other features. Keep reading to find out more!

① Select the Area of ​​Activity of the Company or Department

To customize your experience with online project management software, some tools ask you to identify which department or area your team works in . This makes it easy to organize and identify projects or tasks.

The easiest areas to identify in online project management software are Administration, Marketing, IT, Sales and Human Resources . Note that it is not always mandatory to enter this category, and in some cases you can freely customize it .

② Check the Features You Need in Project Management Software

If you have a small team, or even work alone, you might not need more than a well-organized routine. In that case, project management software tools where you can add tasks and deadlines will probably do the trick. But there are complete tools, which include functions like :

  • Task list: essential function for organizing projects, it allows you to create a to-do list , determining deadlines, work status and even who is responsible for each step of the activity.
  • Time indicators: some software allow you to manage the time used to complete each task . They are great for assessing team productivity and ensuring deadlines are met.
  • Uploading files: for the integration of activities to be complete, bet on the options that allow you to attach files, that way everyone can share and view photos, videos and documents .
  • Calendar: with the calendar directly integrated into the tool, you can clearly view the team’s schedule . Thus, you can easily check the deadlines, dates and important events of the company.
  • Messages for the team: it is fundamental that the software allows the integration of the team in one place , so that everyone interacts in order to solve doubts, share results and important information. 

For a larger or more complex business , it is ideal for the project management tool to be as autonomous as possible to save time . This includes generating reports, showing what is being done in real time, billing overdue tasks, automatically assigning processes and showing idle users.

③ Good Project Management Software Must Synchronize With Other Platforms

This is certainly one of the main criteria for choosing a software tool for project management. Being able to sync your email, a calendar app, spreadsheets or even another project management tool makes the routine much easier and saves time.

This function is very interesting if you are changing programs and don’t want to have to add all the tasks and team members again, nor lose the history . To find out which platforms the software allows for synchronization, the ideal is to visit the official website of the manufacturer.

④ Consider the Number of Users that Can Be Integrated into the Same Account

This is an issue that should be evaluated, especially if you want to use a free project management tool. This is because in paid packages the number of users is generally unlimited, while in basic packages an average of 5 to 15 people are allowed per account.

Most importantly, read the description of each subscription plan to find out how many team members can participate in each project, board or section . If you intend to use the software for the long term, also consider future hires and company growth.

⑤ Prefer the Management Tools Available in Apps

In addition to being able to be used with company computers and notebooks, a good project management tool can also be compatible with smartphones, tablets and smart watches . In these cases, check which Android and iOS system version is required by the app .

Having access to your project management software from any platform streamlines feedback and team productivity. In the case of smart watches, such as Smartwatch and Apple Watch , there are still few compatible tools, so this advantage ends up being a differential when choosing.

⑥ Management Tools that Work Offline Are More Convenient

Not always when you have time available to see pending tasks, or want to write down an idea in the draft, there is internet signal. And wasting those precious moments when traveling by plane, in places with no signal, or when the data package runs out , is not an option for those who need to produce more.

Therefore, being able to make changes, comments, attach files, among other functions, even offline, is a great advantage . Of course, you will need to be online again for the changes to be accessible to other users, but at least you can save time.

⑦ Take the Test and Check What Features Are Offered in the Free Version

Most project management software is free to download, but they only offer some content at no charge. Advanced features such as  increased user limit per account and more space for projects and files are only available to subscribers. Keep an eye!

There are also project management software that are fully paid, with a trial period ranging from 7 to 30 days. In that case, be sure to use the full evaluation time , so that you can identify whether it is really worth investing in the tool.

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