Touch Scale Android Apk Free Download [BMI and Fat Scale]

To maintain your health, you need to monitor many things in your body. Touch Scale Android is something that makes you able to monitor this very easily.

There are many things to watch in your body. I will share with you these important points. But before that, you must get Touch Scale Apk.

You can download the latest version of the app from this page. You need to scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will get the direct download link.

Application details

The name Touch Scale
Experimental v1.2
the size 2.97MB
developer eiYAAA
package name com. wearme. fat
price Complimentary
Post the service in the category Health and fitness
Android required 4.0 and up

What is Touch Scale Android?

Touch Scale Android is a very reliable and useful new tool for measuring different things in our bodies. You can measure and monitor your body weight, fat, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, hydration level, and more. These are the important things that you need to keep an eye on.

However, if you think something is unusual or suspicious, you should probably visit or consult a physicist. So, you should not take home remedies or not go for homemade medicines. Furthermore, it cannot be considered the final and accurate results of the statistics you get in the app.

Sometimes these results may be correct while sometimes they may not be. Therefore, it is highly recommended that users always visit a doctor to get help or medication. Otherwise, you will put yourself in a much more dangerous position of completely believing in these kinds of tools or apps.

Beyond that, this app is not authenticated. There you can get lots of validated tools that you can use to re-examine the situation or observe all the mentioned parts. However, it will give you better results if you use the app on Android devices that have high specs.

You will get the direct download link at the end of this page. Click on the link I shared there at the bottom of this page. After that, you need to install that on your phone. This is the new updated tool that you should install if you are using the old version of it.

What can you do with the Touch Scale app?

Rather than tell you about the features of Touch Scale Android, I would suggest that you check out what you can do with it. So, there are many things that you can do through this tool. If you have not used any such app before then you should also read this article till the end.

You’ll learn how it works and how you can get better stat results. But before that, I would like to share some of the tasks that you can do or do with this amazing tool. It is free and you can do all of the following tasks.

  • You can check your weight.
  • You can find or measure your BMI by providing actual data or information about your age and body.
  • Examination or measurement of fat.
  • Basic metabolic rate measure.
  • You can check the percentage of water.
  • You can analyze all data or statistics.
  • Monitor and share with your doctor.
How do you use Touch Scale Android?

The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of the app from this page and then install it on your phone. Later, you need to turn that on and enable Bluetooth. Also, allow all required permissions. Then enter your name, photo, age, height, weight, and other details.

Then you need to click on the “OK” button. Then you will see the results or statistics. Also, you need to shake the phone and then go for a walk to see how many calories you burned and so on.

Final thoughts

Here are some of the interesting features that you can enjoy in the app. But for that, you need to download Touch Scale Android from below link and install it on your phone.

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