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Whatsapp Latest Version Apk 2021

whatsapp latest version Apk

whatsapp latest version Apk There is not a single user of WhatsApp who does not accept that this messaging and chatting application can have more and better features and functions. In addition, the fact of the situation is that there are various requests. For example, the telegram. However, who uses Telegram or multiple messaging apps? Mostly, all your contacts tend towards WAPWhatsApp.

Instead of switching to another messaging app, many consumers prefer to download mods created by a large number of brave Android developers. There are many options for GBWhatsApp v12.0 APK, WhatsApp Plus and Download AZWhatsApp APK v10.90 2021, and now there is another option: WAPWhatsApp. Let ILOVESHAYRI tell you about WAPWhatsApp special features and free downloads. Ready? Let’s discuss its important details.


whatsapp latest version Apk is one of the most interesting mods because its development was not based on a stable version like most mods, however, on the betting mods released by the North American organization. Therefore, it takes advantage of certain tasks that are not implemented.


The great thing about whatsapp latest version Apk is that it enables us to configure many privacy options, such as hiding time and date when copying someone else’s message and many other things. Here are some key features of this mode:

Different user interface.
Four unique versions to download.
More emojis.
They have extended privacy features, for example, to hide time and data when copying messages.
Possibility to customize case quality, size and length.
Group message counter.
Change the size limit of shared photos and videos.
No ads or watermarks.
All of these features help improve the performance and functionality of the first application. It brings new features and minor changes focused on giving the user more freedom in terms of customizing our conversations and messages or changing the visual aspect of the user interface. New text shapes and styles, with the option to change their type and size.

Four Versions you can download

In whatsapp you will see four unique versions of the download, from the first to the last (16). We suggest you get the latest updates, which contain the codes that came with WhatsApp and which we can also find in Google. Remember that in order to install WhatsApp mods, you must first get rid of the authorized application, just like some other MODs you have recently installed.

WAPWhatsApp APK Information:

App Name WAPWhatsApp
Version v16
Size 40.6 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Last Update 14 Aug 2021

Even if WhatsApp owns instant messaging apps, many users have discovered that it may have more features than it currently has. Different apps connect them, but with fewer followers and unfamiliar users, no longer using WhatsApp, we’ve seen many changes that allow us to use the same WhatsApp, but with more benefits.

We can choose FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus or Wa Tweaks from a wide range of mods created by some Android programmers. The variety of MODs is huge, but the focus today is WAPWhatsApp, the MOD whose management describes privacy and file sending in more extraordinary detail.

How to download?

The developers of WAPWhatsApp have updated this MOD by releasing new versions with many improvements and functions. To download the latest version, you should know that you will have three unique packages:

The first two are to use this MOD as the main mode, the important thing is that one is using Google Sans Font Style, and the other com.wap will use the app as another app in WhatsApp. Find the download button named “Download WAPWhatsApp” to proceed with the download mode. Follow the instructions carefully to complete the process successfully.

How to install?

If you have never installed WhatsApp mode, don’t worry, we will show you how to get WAPWhatsApp effectively. Click on the accompanying links, and you’ll enjoy all the points of interest that MOD has to offer, which will not be wasted.


We can say that WAPWhatsApp is a built-in MOD for WhatsApp. You can enjoy all its powerful features by simply clicking the download button on this page.

Do you have any questions? Make it clear as soon as the opportunity arises. Please write to us in the comments section, and don’t forget to share the knowledge you have gained from this page.

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