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WhatsApp Transparent APK v10.20 (Latest 2021)

WhatsApp Transparent APK v10.20 (Latest 2021)

WhatsApp Transparent is a new WhatsApp mode. Despite adequate functionality, the original messaging app still had problems. These problems include slow user interface, bugs and errors and lack of certain features. These are the issues that mode developers want to address. Before going into any other details, you can read everything about other WhatsApp mods on ILOVESHAYRI.

WhatsApp Transparent has been developed using the latest innovations to give users the best features in WhatsApp modes. The mod developer is busy updating other WhatsApp mods which are equipped with very useful and nice features.

As third-party developers develop mods like these, you can’t find them on app distribution services like Google Play. These mods are designed and developed so that you can customize your WhatsApp interface and other features. In addition to enjoying the functionality of the native app, you can also customize the app. Change the design elements according to your personality and preferences.

What is unique about this? 

What sets this situation apart from others? An important feature of this mode is that it allows you to customize the wallpaper of your messaging application. Mode makes the interface transparent so you can choose the image you like as a background.

This mode was recently developed. Therefore, it has fewer bugs and errors than the previously developed mods. WhatsApp Transparent also comes with a huge list of features compared to other mods. Before you decide to download this mode, read on to learn more about the following features.

WhatsApp Transparent APK Information:

App Name WhatsApp Transparent
Version v10.20
Size 42.6 MB
Requirement Android 4.0 and higher
Last updated Aug 14, 2021
WhatsApp Transparent APK v10.20 (Latest 2021)
WhatsApp Transparent APK v10.20 (Latest 2021)

Now that you have read about all its features, you may want to test the mode for yourself. Fortunately, we have provided you the following download link. But before you download it, make sure your device meets the minimum requirements. These requirements include your operating system version and ample storage space. Otherwise, this installation will fail.

Installation Guide 

Before installing APK on your mobile device, you should make sure that you have already backed up your messages and files. The reason behind this is that you need to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp before you can install this mode. Failure to back up your messages and files will result in permanent deletion. Here’s how to download and install mods on your device:

Back up your messages and media files before uninstalling the official version of WhatsApp. Follow these steps to back up your files:
Open WhatsApp and tap on the menu
Click Settings
Click on Chats
Click on Chat Backup
Click the Backup button, and this will be saved in the cloud storage
Enable “Unknown Sources” when prompted before installing the application. Here are the instructions for enabling this option on your mobile device:
Go to settings
Click Security
Enable “Unknown Sources”
Visit your downloads or file manager where the APK file is most likely to be
Click on the APK file
Click the “Install” button.
Installation may take a few seconds
Click “Open” button to start operation or “Done” button to finish installation
Open the newly installed application
After launching, click OK and continue
Enter your phone number and click “Copy WhatsApp Data”
If you’ve followed all of the instructions above, you’ve successfully backed up your account. Click the Restore button.

How to update 

As this is not an official version of the messaging app, you will not find its updates in app distribution services like Google Play. Updates can be found on WhatsApp mode websites.

There are many websites that offer the latest version of this mode. However, some of them do not give you the right versions. But here at WhatsMod we always bring you the updated version. Always check this page for updates on this mode.

To update your version, click the download button to get the APK file. Click on the APK file to start the installation. This will automatically update your copy to the latest version.

Features of this mod

The native messaging app has excellent functionality. However, it lacks features, especially when it comes to interface customization and security. WhatsApp Transparent has all the features you can get with better performance on GBWhatsApp. We’ve listed the following features so you can check everyone out after installation:

Implementation improvements
WhatsApp Mirror
Transparent screen
Improved user interface
Advanced security features
More customization features
Advanced privacy features
Best Do Not Disturb Mode
Unblock feature
New topics are available
Share files up to 1 GB
Share audio recordings with large file sizes
But we will not stop at this list. We have also written a detailed description of various features that you will enjoy with WhatsApp Transparent.

Improved Performance and User Interface

Compared to the official version of the messaging app, the overall performance of WhatsApp Transparent is better. Messaging with friends and sending photos, videos and audio is easier and better than ever. In terms of user interface, this mode has a more sophisticated look. It gives you the option to customize your background with your photos or your favorite background.

Better Privacy Features 

The security features of WhatsApp Transparent have been improved. Users can become more private and secure by using this mode on their mobile devices. This mode includes some additional privacy features, such as who can contact you and freeze what you last saw. Other features of official WhatsApp also come with this mode. These features include disabling read receipts, hiding profile picture and information, and preventing contacts from sharing status.

Better Customization Options

With this mode, the customization options are endless. Customization features added in this mode allow users to customize themes, sticker packs, icons, statuses, group members and more. All the features can be easily used compared to the old mods that deal with bugs and bugs.

Hide Your Status View

Masking features are one of the leading features of WhatsApp mods and all of them are at risk of being banned by WhatsApp Inc. Here is a summary of these hidden features:

Hide the blue tick if we see someone’s message in the chat
Hide the second icon of the sent message
Hide your online status
Hide time and date
Hide forwarding flags when sending any message from another chat

Better DND Mode and Anti-Ban Feature 

You may be thinking about Do Not Disturb Mode, which is a cool feature of WhatsApp Mods. In WhatsApp Transparent, this feature has been modified so that you do not encounter any bugs or errors while using it.

Meanwhile, the anti-blocking feature in WhatsApp Transparent is also getting an update. Using this new mode will reduce the risk of being banned by WhatsApp Inc. , Compared to other changes.

Increase Media Sharing Capacity

With WhatsApp Transparent, users can share documents with increased capacity. Once the mode is installed, you can share up to 1GB of documents at a time. You can also share high quality audio, video and photos. More photos can be shared at once, avoiding the hassle of frequently browsing your phone’s gallery.

Anti-revoke Feature

The anti-cancellation feature is another component that you can enjoy with WhatsApp Transparent. With this feature, you can see all other people’s deleted / deleted messages and files in your chat thread. In the official version of the messaging app, users can delete messages for everyone, and there is no way to retrieve them unless you are the original sender. With this editing feature, you can retrieve a message even if you are not the sender.


While the native app gives you the best functionality, its lack of customization features can be frustrating for some users. WhatsApp Transparent solves most of the problems that users encounter with other modes.

What do you think about WhatsApp Transparent? Download it now and try it for yourself. Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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