WhatsGold Apk MOD (WhatsGold 2022)

WhatsGold Apk MOD

WhatsGold Apk MOD is an interesting way to experience WhatsApp with tons of brand new functionality. Some of scenarios where King WhatsGold Apk MOD has been used are to hide everything from the Media section so that your contacts won’t see what you’re up to, and also you can collaborate with everyone using this app for organization and planning of upcoming activities. You can also use WhatsGold features such as customized chat boxes and home screen; hide custom Icon for your launcher; in a way no one could imagine!

WhatsGold Apk MOD App is a great WhatsApp alternative that brings so many features such as customizing chat boxes, the ability to individually hide media and status updates of contacts in your gallery. And it’s all so simple! Vip WhatsGold Apk MOD Download is easy to operate without gaining any technical knowledge.

Hide Online Status

You can really tailor your WhatsApp experience to suit your needs! Would you like to be able to hide or show certain features on your WhatsApp profile page? Well, with this WhatsApp mod you’ll be able to hide or show the Last Seen feature and typing status as well as multiple other features so that it feels more suited to you.

The latest version of WhatsApp has a hidden gem inside, hiding all the features which you may not be aware of. Besides being able to hide your last seen and hiding blue ticks, this awesome app lets you hide your current status, so that no one can see it under the contacts list and it will not appear on their phone when they click on your contact card. Don’t worry, by hiding it people still know that you’re in there and actually using WhatsApp immediately. You don’t have to let people know that you’re recording or typing, just close the chatset window or minimize it where only you can see it!

Unique Launcher Icons

This mod allows you to do something unexpected and unique. You can use colourful WhatsApp icons and change the launcher icon. You can hide your media in the gallery with this version of the mod. With this mod version, you can disable video or voice calling features so no one can call you. Mod allows you to even disable the “show online” feature so that only authorized persons chat with you. You may get the latest icon pack with different & colourful WhatsApp icons for free!

With this application, you can choose your favorite pictures to be used as WhatsApp icons and other icons in this application. Thus, you can use colorful and high quality pictures or you can also use images of your choice. Use the media hiding feature to manage and hide your private photos, videos or albums so no one will be able to look at it. You can even choose the icon which represent yourself in this app so that whenever someone looks at your profile, they immediately recognize who you are. Hide the feature of video and voice calling so that no one will call you for a conversation by mistake. Download the image with colourful icon pack for free from this modded version of TSF Shell 3D plus right now! This app allows you to have an online status even when the app is closed. Yeah!

WhatsGold Apk
WhatsGold Apk

Get Deleted Messages

This app is able to view deleted messages from the device which supports SD Card. With this mod version of whatsapp, you can actually see what someone has previously deleted but were able to bring back with tricks like these. The user could delete a message, but the application wouldn’t ask again if they had already pleaded. We’ve tried our best to give support for many languages and currently it supports more than 10 languages. You can switch between multiple languages in-app! Say goodbye to formality! You can just swipe left/right on all conversations as per your convenience and send stickers also by swiping right/left on messenger screen in group chats. Enable group calls in any group, even if there are more than 10+ members – they will be able to answer your call!

You can see deleted messages by installing the modded version of WhatsApp. Users are able to delete the message, but from your perspective the message will remain undeleted so you can view it in your inbox easily. You can also see not only deleted messages but also watch deleted media or documents . This app has multiple languages support. Simply choose your preferred language and use this app without any problem. You may swipe on the left side to reply to a message. Send stickers and enable group calls. You may call in groups without any restrictions or limits.

Backup All Messages

This is a great feature to keep your messages and media files safe. You can now create a backup of the data within the app. Go to settings and start creating a backup of your selected chats and the app will create a backup for you within seconds. You can save your messages online in cloud storage or you can also save the backup in your device without any problem. The best way to schedule messages is by creating them manually; otherwise, all sent messages will be added to this queue based on the time at which they were scheduled, up until 10 minutes from when they were published originally.

This is a great feature to keep your messages and media safe. You can now create a message backup for you to save within the app. Go to settings and select which conversations you would like backed up, then click on Backup. The app will create a backup within seconds and allow you to save it in your cloud storage or in the device without any hassle. A scheduled messaging function has also been implemented; this will enable you to send out a message at a specific time of day.

Universal Mod

This mobile app has a lot to offer, with one of its main highlights being the opportunity to customize your account and experience. You can change the background color with a specific theme, add wallpapers that are mood inducing, download hundreds of customizing options for your app and browser, and save it as a preset so you can use it again whenever you want. When you’re online chatting, you will also be able to see everything in new and enhanced ways. Sending multiple stickers on one chat at once is also possible within this mobile application!

With this app, you can add life to your chat conversations! With the new chat backgrounds and wallpapers, every conversation is a major happening! There are themes like “Memories”, “Nice”, etc. with which you can be unique amongst your group of friends. All the emojis and stickers look fabulous, and will make you want them in your normal chats as well. It’s entirely possible that you’ll need to adjust the notifications for different people in different ways, so that each one gets what he or she deserves. You’ll never run out of download options for themes because there are tons of them available, so go wild with finding Themes that suit your tastes!

Additional Information

App NameWhatsGold Apk
Size6 MB
Latest Versionv1.2.2
MOD InfoWhatsGold
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdateJuly 24, 2021

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