YouTube Vanced Mod APK (MOD, v17.03.38)

YouTube Vanced Mod APK

YouTube Vanced Mod APK These days, huge strides have been made with new technological advancements. People love the pace of what’s possible in the world today, from an individual standpoint and from a global one. We are witnessing and evolving through the internet and millions of social applications have come into being due to this transformation including YouTube. YouTube is a video streaming application that comes free as a bonus for users who choose to use it.

The latest technological advancements have changed the way of how we go about our daily lives. There is so much new technology to keep up with that people want to experience more and more. The internet, laptops, smartphones and tablets are just some examples. It’s no surprise new apps are being launched on a constant basis; one of which is YouTube. Launched in 2005, this company has gone from strength-to-strength and was purchased in 2006 by Google only two years later and has changed the way many of us work as well as play with its video streaming service now available for free and boasting a list of outstanding features!

Increasing technological capabilities and services are making the world an increasingly easier place for us all to live in. People love the idea of new technology constantly being created that allows us to do awesome things on a daily basis. Simply put, we have come a long way since the time where information was shared by land mail! We also have a list https://clickmiamibeach.com/ of top paypal casinos, and a wide variety of the top table games. In today’s day and age we have the emergence of the internet and mobile applications have been responsible for helping millions of people connect to one another around their interests, which is great don’t you think? YouTube is an example of this when it comes to creating a platform that people can use for watching videos on handheld devices with ease.

Additional Information

App Name YouTube Vanced Mod APK
Publisher ApkMod
Genre Entertainment
Size 40.9 MB
Latest Version v17.03.38
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
Get it On Google Play
Update February 21, 2022


YouTube has been launched in many other versions available that are specifically meant to provide convenience to their users. One of those is YouTube Music, an app that has since then been covered in our previous article about its main features, tips, as well as other resources for you to know more about this app. But between you and us, there’s also a Vanced version (much like the original). It’s gotten a lot of buzz over in the Reddit community – so much so that we had to expand on it! We’ll cover all of that in detail throughout the rest of this post.

YouTube has so many other versions that offer even more features, and they have been developed to provide ease of access to the YouTube mobile app for its users. But in light of recent events (YouTube algorithm changes), there’s now an “updated” version called YouTube Vanced that enables all the features we’re accustomed to from a full third-party YouTube client. You see, at this point, the updated YouTube app forces you to use Google’s inbuilt search system (which URL gets shared with Google) – it doesn’t let you pick your own default search engine anymore! Not only do we want our own Youtube search engine back, but once found using our chosen one – we can add videos and many more things via a built in table right on screen vs having to go outside the app every time. And if you want – you can mark videos as watched or unseen which helps with streaming right into your playlist (or vs going into both youtube AND playlists.)

YouTube has so many versions, and with YouTube Music, you’re sure to love all of the extra features that are offered at your fingertips. This can also be said for YouTube Vanced which is an app that gives you access to even more great features! It’s a fantastic version of the original one, and it was developed by someone right here on Freelancer. With such incredible features, we wanted to let you know everything there is to know about this app in our newest post!

As you know, it is impossible to play the YouTube videos when you are close to the YouTube applications. You can only play the video when you have kept the application turned on, but YouTube Vanced Mod APK has a great feature with which you can play the videos after getting out of the YouTube application and using any other application.

It’s impossible to watch YouTube videos when you are on YouTubers because the streaming service fails to work. However, there is a solution to this problem through watching YouTube Vanced, a modified version of YouTube’s original application.

As you know it is impossible to play the YouTube videos when you are using the official apps provided by YouTube. You can’t play videos when YouTube Vanced Mod APK is turned on, but YouTube Vanced Mod APK has a great feature with which you can play videos even after switching to another app.

The YouTube app is great for viewing videos, but one unfortunate feature that’s been present since its beginnings is its inability to play videos when switching away from the app. This can be frustrating if you have to stop watching a video not long after starting it because you need to move on to something else. But we found a way around this! If you use YouTube Vanced APK, which has been modified with the ability to continue playing videos even once you switch over, then your problem will be solved!

As we know it is not possible to view videos on the YouTube app when app is modified. However if you have downloaded the Vanced mod for YouTube, you can still stream videos even when you are browsing other apps.

YouTube Vanced APK
YouTube Vanced APK

What is YouTube Vanced APK?

A YouTube Vanced APK is something that provides you kinks in the computer game called YouTube and helps you to experience it more like a video app. You are able to play the videos directly in the picture mode, watch them outside the YouTube App and also play free music over there. Downloading of the videos is also possible with this application, as well as switching of the dark mode on and off.

The YouTube Vanced APK is a premium app that allows you to enjoy functionalities not otherwise offered by the YouTube platform – such as playing the videos in picture mode, watching the videos outside of YouTube’s environment, downloading and saving the files to your phone or tablet, turning on the dark mode, and much more!

YouTube is a powerful video sharing service that is also used by millions of people every single day. This Android-run platform gives users the ability to upload, view, and share videos on a pristine platform while also providing features such as the simple ability to play videos in picture-in-picture mode and even play them outside of the official YouTube app. However, despite all the nice user-friendly features that YouTube offers users, it can sometimes be very difficult to manage your subscriptions, save your content to watch later, or even use dark mode especially if you’re using a touchscreen device. Thankfully, there are amazing apps like Cartoons8 installed for example that give users access to additional YouTube premium features as well as provide additional tools which are hard or nearly impossible to get on YouTube without them (they help with buffering issues or work around problems that might otherwise make you decide on deleting your account altogether!).

This fantastic video streaming app has many of the features you will find in premium apps but does not charge subscription fees. When using this application there are no unsightly ads cluttering your screen and it won’t cost you a penny to use this fantastic product.

It boasts lots of good features and gives you a great feel while watching videos. Even the free option has all the premium features so your wallet will never feel the pinch at any point in time. There’s no need to worry about paying hefty subscription fees over and over again because it won’t happen!

You can enjoy ad-free videos with no interruption thanks to our video streaming service. We’ll remove all of the pesky ads from your videos so you don’t have to worry about them at all!

What is YouTube Vanced Mod APK?

You can access YouTube Vanced Mod APK for Android anytime. This application looks very much like the original YouTube app, but comes without any subscription fees. There are in-app purchases too; this is an exciting thing about the application.

YouTube Vanced Mod APK is an application which came into being with a simple modification in the original YouTube Vanced app. This version provides any feature for free and absolutely no subscription charges. There are no in-app purchases too in this application which is why it is considered to be a good one.

YouTube Vanced Mod App is one of the most popular apps for watching videos apart from YouTube. This application can serve users well because it provides many features that are similar to the ones present in YouTube but with fewer restrictions.

YouTube Vanced Mod
YouTube Vanced Mod

Play Videos in Background

This feature is definitely the most notable and impressive piece of the puzzle when it comes to advancing the design of this app. You can listen to music that you’ve downloaded to your device before quickly and easily navigating away from or back to YouTube.

One of the greatest features of this app is that it gives you more control over playing YouTube videos. It’s especially great for playing them in the background – something that wasn’t possible with HTML5 previously. The fact that you can play YouTube videos without leaving their video player should be a major relief for its users.

This is the very first feature to be revamped and showcased in this new app update. It’s a rather crucial feature, which was overdue for enhancement as it allows you to enjoy your videos in the background by allowing you to play them from within your device’s music app.

An extension has been created that allows you to toggle between all open applications and your current website, rather than having to pick just one. While this is exciting for multitaskers, we are curious about the possibilities in this new development beyond what Google Now users already have at their fingertips, and await further developments from the application’s creator – based on user feedback from early bug fix releases.

Welcome to the future and enjoy staying here, but only if you own an Android device. It’s a time where many things are possible, but they are not always the best things. You could play lots of cool video games, or even make a little video of what you decide to try on any kind of notepad app. The best part about it is that you can watch YouTube videos from your family, who are on vacation in another state thousands of miles away. As if that were enough, there are other apps as well – don’t forget about them!

It is something that has been possible now after so long and users are equally thrilled. If you are playing a game, trying something on a notepad, or using Google, you can just play your favorite music video and move to your next app. Your YouTube video will never stop running by doing so, but the option is yours to let it play in the background while interacting with whatever else you may be doing!

Improved User Experience

To make the whole situation even more efficient, developers have made changes to the user experience so that it can become better. They have intuitively made some new ideas and approaches in order to improve how users use it.

The app’s user experience has been substantially improved. The developers have taken the time to evaluate the app based on user feedback and make it more friendly for users of all ages and skill levels.

The developers have made it easier for the users by including a user interface that’s faster and more convenient to work with. This is done through making it faster to accomplish tasks within your sites and apps, or any other of your projects overall. They have also put an even bigger focus on making your code be as clean and simple as possible so that debugging hard-to-find errors isn’t so stressful for you anymore.

Simple Search Button

The following video app provides all search options for each video you would like to watch, or specific artist you may want to listen to. The intuitive search button is located on the top of the page where you can click and then type anything in the bar that you want to hear.

This app makes it easy to find your favorite videos or artists. It has a search button you can use to filter through a lot of options, inviting you to watch the videos that interest you by clicking on the search bar and typing in anything that comes to mind.

This app has a simple search button that enables you to easily locate videos. The search bar is located on the top from where you can directly click and type the name of your favorite artist or video.

Play Videos in High Quality

The videos available on this app have a high quality, so you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth on your mobile connections. You can also browse our various video selections and play them in the resolution you like.

This app can stream videos in the best quality. You don’t need to worry about your internet connection, and you don’t need to select the quality manually. Just set the video quality according to your connection and watch videos freely!

Although this app enables us to watch videos in HD, you may still choose to change the quality of your streaming video. Just open up the settings menu, and trade off between low quality or high-quality for each stream of your selected movie. Then sit back and enjoy!

Wide Variety of Videos

YouTube Vanced contains a wide variety of video content. It just like the original version of YouTube has video types such as movies, TV shows, short films, ad films, music videos and other varieties that can entertain you.

There is a range of videos available to watch on YouTube Vanced, just like on YouTube’s website itself you’re able to watch a variety of different short films, full length movies and television series episodes which are categorized into a number of genres (for instance comedy, action etc.). While the YouTube Vanced contains all these same video types and their respective genres as YouTube itself

There are so many videos on YouTube available in a format called fullscreen. Videos of various types are there such as movies, TV shows, short films, ad films or music videos, and the same applies to YouTube Vanced, which is filled with different types of videos all the time.

What you have to do is just search for the video or play from the suggestions given in your feed. In this way you can see how large the variety of YouTube videos is and you can access any of them available over there.

Set Playback Speed

If you like watching YouTube videos in HD, but can’t stand all the commercials, you might want to know about this new way to get rid of them. It’s a bit unorthodox, so don’t take it as if we’re recommending you do this forever. However, currently there is an option called “YouTube Verified” that will let you run your own ads on the site and turn some profit back into your pocket. In order to achieve this level of status and become a Verified Video Creator, you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers. The trick is that when creating more content in exchange for additional ad revenue, you have to follow strict guidelines while keeping videos clean and free of what YouTube calls “inappropriate content.”

You can speed up or slow down videos using a quick tip found on the official YouTube help website. You may change the original playback rate by entering 0.5, 1, or 2 etc… into the video’s settings page and clicking “ok.” This will increase the bit rate of your video’s sound to match the changed playback rate. Now you have a great tip for speeding up YouTube video playback without changing its resolution!

It is possible to slow down the speed of the video while still maintaining the original pitch. All you have to do is press ‘options’ or ‘Additional Features’ on your YouTube player when the video is playing.You can then choose a lower or higher play speed or pitch between 0.25x and 2x.

Zoom In Option

When you watch YouTube videos, you can use the zoom in feature to focus on the details of that one part of the video you are interested in. It’s a great option once you find yourself getting hooked but needing to do something else at the same time.

If a video is worth watching again and again on YouTube, then why not set up your own version of it on Vimeo? And while you’re at it make sure to use zoom in to get that juiciest part of the content that you love right there in front of you as if you really were there accepting an award or something! And using this feature you can also watch your videos over again with the help of zoom in feature if ever something was wrong with your first presentation. It can make all the difference when coming back for more.

There is a zoom option available for those who want to get a closer look at what’s on the screen or are watching video content directly from their mobile device. It can toggle through up to five different levels of magnification, making it quite convenient to watch videos and view photos on a larger scale. Who says you can’t enjoy looking at more while enjoying your leisure time?

Automatic Loop

There is a looping option that allows you to replay the same video from the beginning again and again. This can be useful for those who may have missed something during previous viewings, for example.

Another great feature of TubeMate is the looping feature, which allows you to play the same video continuously by just pressing a single button. This convenient option enables you to enjoy the same content over and over again without having to click around several times just to replay your favorite content!

The power of this application does not end there. You also have the option to loop a video for as long as you like, which can be very helpful if you want to listen or watch again and again and again!


The YouTube Vanced APK has the perfect feature to help you achieve your viewing goals. It’s simple, allows you to overcome any discomfort, and will enhance your overall experience. You can toggle between different color schemes depending on what fits you best or complement your device or mood. You’ll thank us for telling you about it.

The Vanced YouTube application for Android allows you to set individual themes, including your choice of light or dark mode. If you find that the app is difficult to use with a brighter theme and would like something less intense, try switching to the darker theme. Both options are equally enjoyable when you’re wanting to indulge in videos from YouTube, but the darker option provides a better viewing experience so you can enjoy watching your content without having to squint at it!

YouTube has two types of themes in particular; one is a brighter one and the other one is a darker one. If you are so done with the bright light and want to switch to a dimmer and more peaceful theme, then dark mode is perfect for you. It won’t hurt your eyes and you will have a very comfortable experience with watching videos.

Adjust Brightness

Just like when using a camera or camcorder, you can now adjust the brightness of your videos by simply sliding your finger up or down along the left side of the video screen. The option is undetectable and has been extremely popular among users lately.

You can now adjust the brightness of your videos by just sliding your finger up or down on the left side of the video screen. The brightness setting will be invisible but you’ll see stars and moon underneath it which will tell you if you need to slide up or down to increase or decrease the brightness. Just like a real night sky!

With the brightness feature being added to videos, users now have a new way to monitor their video output. Users can manipulate the brightness of the video simply by sliding their finger up or down directly on the left side of the screen! One might say this is fantastic and cool feature that users have been raving about lately in reviews.

YouTube Vanced
YouTube Vanced

Adjust Volume

In the same way you can also adjust the volume of your video by sliding your finger up or down on the right side of your video screen.

Highest Streaming Resolution

The YouTube Vanced Mod APK allows users to watch videos up to 4K resolution. You can now use your preferred video streaming platform to enjoy the clearest picture quality. Take advantage of this opportunity and make your video streaming experience better by choosing the YouTube Vanced Mod APK over the original app!

YouTube Vanced is an app that offers users a higher video quality than other apps in the same field. It means you can stream videos up to 4K resolution and experience top-quality results. If you’re someone who likes the best quality, this is the app for you!

You can achieve the highest quality video resolution on any platform with YouTube Vanced Mod APK. The mod comes with 4k resolution capability, making it especially popular among users who want to watch the best of quality. It means that you can stream videos in 4k since now even regular videos will be streamed in a very clear manner.

Create Local Playlist

When it comes to creating local playlists on YouTube, you can create any kind of playlist that you want just like any other platform or service. As a user, the best thing about this feature is that you get to pick whatever videos you want to populate your playlist. One common reason why people use this feature is because they may not have enough time to watch a specific video when they come across it but in the future they can check out their local playlist and catch up whenever they have the chance.

You can also make your own playlist on YouTube. There are times we cannot watch a video straight away, so now it is a possibility to create playlists as there are thousands of videos that are waiting to be watched and it can get really time consuming if you try and find them all individually. This feature makes it easier and more interesting for the user.

You can also make a private playlist for yourself with videos you know you want to watch but just haven’t gotten around to yet. This sort of feature often comes in handy as it allows users to be better prepared for future viewing – especially if the video is one that may interest them when they have time available, like a work-related video for example!

Now all users can save their favorite videos from this channel and watch them later on in any type of playlist. Saving to Playlists will help them stay organized and never lose track of the videos they want to see. We know that many users have said that this feature has been quite a helpful addition since it lets them watch whenever they want without having to worry about anything else.

With the new Playlist feature, all users can now save their videos to watch later! This means that they will never lose them and will be able to view them at any time–on demand!

Now all users can save their videos to watch later in this type of playlist. It will help them never lose the videos and watch them any time they want. Undeniably, many of these videos won’t be immediately available because people like to come back to things that were useful in the past. By having a backup plan like this, it is possible not to miss out on something you could have used somewhere else.

Save Search and Play History

You can also conveniently save your search history and play history in this application. You may have searched videos of particular turtles that you would like to watch again, and thus you will be able to see your search history again as well in order to know the title once more.

You can revisit videos that you watched with your favorite turtles in this application. If you have a particular video that you are looking for, you will be able to see the search history to look up the title again.

You can revisit videos that you watched with your favorite turtles in this application. If you have a particular video that you are looking for, you will be able to see the search history to look up the title again.

Download Videos

You can also download the content in this application and save it so that you can stream it off-line. It is the best option for those people who have unstable internet connections and want to watch video freely. They can use this option and see how wonderfully it works for them.

Another great feature of this app is the ability to download videos for offline viewing. This is great for users who may not have a stable internet connection and want to watch video on their own time at their convenience.

One of the app’s best features is its offline playback so you can continue to view lectures in extreme situations due to lack or internet connection.

Skip Videos

You can download videos by clicking on a download button but the most important thing to note about watching YouTube in Pakistan is that you never know when your internet may go down. So it’s best to access your collection of downloaded YouTube videos as an offline cupcake so you can still watch them even if your internet connection isn’t working!

Simply click the download button, watch the video and then click on the save to playlist button. This will add the video to your “Downloads” playlist so you can access it whenever you need to watch it again.

We know how arduous the task of learning about all the ins and outs of your business can be for you. This app also helps you to save time by allowing to skip content that is not relevant at any time. Additionally, thanks to this incredibly handy application, you needn’t worry that you might spend time watching video content only to discover further in it that it’s simply not what was necessary for your needs and goals. We have an intuitive feature that allows you to skip through videos when they’re no longer needed – meaning you’ll never again have to backtrack or search for a solution video that better suits your requirements!

As a busy manager, you don’t always have time to watch videos in full. So we decided to make this app as convenient as possible so that it’s not as hard for you to go through your tasks. You can fast forward past videos without watching them first – or you can simply click on the next video button and so forth.

24/7 Free Usage

There is no limit when it comes to making use of YouTube Vanced Mod APK. You will never have to worry about having any extra charges on your phone bill ever again because this app gives you free streaming with no subscription. This is arguably one of the most effective features that come along with the app and you shouldn’t be thinking about paying any additional money for the lifetime aside from installation costs!

There is no limit when it comes to making use of YouTube Vanced Mod APK. You will be allowed to stream video 24/7 for free without worrying about paying any charges for the life of the app. It’s a simple yet effective way to have access to unlimited and free video streaming – all year round, in fact!

There is no limit when it comes to watching YouTube videos. Using the YouTube Vanced Mod APK, you will be able to watch video 24/7 without having to worry about spending money on any subscriptions or even adverts that can play before your content. This app really is simple yet very effective because there’s no limit when it comes to the lifetime use of this app. You never have to worry about buying any subscriptions or paying for any kind of in-app purchases – this one is completely free and safe by following our installation guide!

Anti-ban Feature

Mod apps are a great way for users to use their favorite apps and games but sometimes, using too many mod apps can bring about a ban.

This modded app doesn’t get banned from YouTube. It’s very common for people using mod versions of apps to get banned. YouTube is really strict about the gaming apps and there are some bugs in the system which ban people who use apps like this.

There are a lot of mod versions of games and apps that out there, which are necessary to some players in order to use the app. Some mod versions come with an anti-ban feature, but it also has adverse effects on users and therefore we can’t recommend you to use such a version. There is an alternative. YouTube Vanced Mod APK offers an alternative which will protect you from being banned for using this app and at the same time it’ll allow you to enjoy our services for your entire life.

No Subscription Required

You never need a subscription to use this app. All the in-app purchases are not required with this version of the YouTube Vanced. It is an advanced app as per its name, so the users are always welcome to use this application but they don’t have to pay any subscriptions to avail the premium features.

One can access any video in this application without any subscription. The name of the app is itself an advanced version of the regular YouTube application, so the users are always welcome to use it.

Blocked Advertisements

Whether you have an older version of Android or a brand new one, we will help you set up YouTube Vanced Mod APK. After that, simply download the application because you won’t have to manage ads any longer!

If you find yourself annoyed by ads that play before your favorite YouTube videos, the solution is to download YouTube Vanced and use it instead. Generally the cost of this app is $1.99, yet it’s illegally available for free online so you can enjoy all of your favorite videos discretely thanks to ad-free content. Unlike other apps though, this one gives users a truly enjoyable video viewing experience by providing an APK download that’s regularly updated so you always have fresh content.

The irritating video ads that you’re forced to view throughout many different platforms, particularly in videos, are a thing of the past once you download YouTube Vanced Mod APK and watch your favorite content. The application is free but some apps do charge extra for ad-removal anyway. Therefore, this platform is an excellent example of convenience with enjoyment. If you’ve grown to despise those awful video ads, then simply switch to YouTube Vanced APK and get rid of that bad streaming experience!


The YouTube Vanced Mod APK surely is a good download if you want to listen to your favorite music on the bus or whenever you’re out and about, but we’d like to offer you an alternative. Thanks to our tweaked application that allows you to listen easily and comfortably, you’ll never have any problems anymore with songs getting stuck while they try to load completely. It’s such a delightful experience!

The YouTube Vanced Mod APK is a really good mod that you might like to try. It’s a newer application than the original app and it totally brings a lot more features than some of those basics that everyone expects from the Youtube company when it comes to the support for audio files and in general, a higher quality music experience.

The YouTube Vanced Mod APK is truly a pleasurable app to try and use regularly. Even if you want more features from the regular YouTube, this will be a perfect option for you. It is such an excellent application that can let you listen to your favorite songs via some other app on your phone.

We hope that you’ve already downloaded this app and are exploring its features. We would love to receive your feedback from you in the comment section below regarding this app. Please take some time out of your day to write back to us so we know how you feel about it!

We hope that you’ve already downloaded this app and are exploring its features. We would love to receive your feedback from you in the comment section below regarding this app. Please take some time out of your day to write back to us so we know how you feel about it! We hope you enjoyed exploring this app. We would love to hear from you and receive any feedback you have in the comment section below!

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